Product Expertise: Wayside Wheel Profile Measurement System

System Background:

Rolling stock defects are a serious threat to railway safety, with increasing rail traffic and train operations, it has become very important to have a check on the health of rolling stock to identify the defects which may leads to serious accidents. Increased rail traffic density has made the manual inspection a tedious job. Moreover, the manual inspection methods of wheel profile (or wheel defects) measurements are based on high human intervention resulting in higher labour cost, poor repeatability and manual errors.

The Wheel Data Acquisition System-WPMS-1 also known as Wheel Profile Measurement System is a solution that scans the wheels of moving trains. The system is designed to measure the different parameters of the moving wheels, to prevent failure due to excessively worn wheels at early stages as well as increase the life operations of wheels by addressing defects at an early stages.

System Highlights:

  • Contactless Laser-based scanning.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Cheap and easy maintenance.
  • No drilling, alterations on the rail track.
  • Installation using existing rail sleepers.
  • Remote monitoring/access.
  • Automatic defects detection and Automatic measurements report.
  • Different variants for specific use cases.
  • Environmental resistant up to 60°C, with IP 68 rated protection. Designed to sustain vibrations (IEC 61373)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility complied to IEC 61000
  • Permissible train speed up to 30 Kmph (or higher on request).
  • Ability of measuring trains traveling in both directions.
  • No separate hut required

Laser projected in order to measure the wheel profile


The profile generated by the scanner is processed by the software and the following listed parameters including wheel gauge (if required) can easily be calculated automatically.

Full wheel profile
Flange height
Flange width
qR/Flange slope
Root wear
Rim thickness
Wheel diameter
Wheel width

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