Pune Metro invites tender for providing transaction advisory services for proposed Line-4 and 5

 Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has invited Request for Transaction Advisory Services for Pune Metro Line-4 and or Pune Metro Line-5 proposed to be implemented on the Public Private Partnership Mode.

  • Tender Reference Number: 09 For FY 2023-2024 (2nd Call)
  • Name of Work: Transaction Advisory Services for Pune Metro Line-4 and or Pune Metro Line-5 proposed to be implemented on the Public Private Partnership Mode.
  • EMD: INR 1,50,000/-
  • Completion Period: 24 Months
  • Document Download Start Date: 25th Nov, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 15th Dec, 2023
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 04th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 25th Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 15th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 16th Dec, 2023


‭The‬ ‭PMRDA‬ ‭has‬ ‭received‬ ‭the‬ ‭Detailed‬ ‭Project‬ ‭Report‬ ‭(“DPR”)‬ ‭for‬ ‭the‬ ‭Pune‬ ‭Metro‬ ‭Line‬ ‭4‬ ‭–‬ Shivajinagar‬ ‭to‬ ‭Loni‬ ‭Kalbhor‬ ‭and‬ ‭spur‬ ‭to‬ ‭Saswad‬ ‭and‬ ‭Swargate‬ ‭from‬ ‭the‬ ‭Delhi‬ ‭Metro‬ ‭Rail‬ Corporation ‬‭(the ‬‭“DMRC”).‬‭

Further, ‬‭the ‬‭Maha-Metro‬‭ has ‬‭undertaken ‬‭the ‬‭activity‬‭ of‬‭ preparation ‬‭of‬ Detailed ‬‭Project‬‭ Report ‬‭(“DPR”) ‬‭for ‬‭the‬‭ Pune ‬‭Metro ‬‭Line-‬‭5‬‭ (Khadakwasla‬‭ to ‬‭Kharadi). ‬‭The‬‭ stretch‬ from Swargate-Pulgate-Hadapsar (Magarpatta) is common between the two Metro Lines.‬

In ‭order‬ ‭to‬ ‭address‬ ‭the‬ ‭issue‬ ‭of‬ ‭development‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭common‬ ‭stretch,‬ ‭the‬ ‭PUMTA‬ ‭in‬ ‭its‬ ‭meeting‬ directed‬ ‭PMRDA‬ ‭to‬ ‭appoint‬ ‭a‬ ‭Transaction‬ ‭Advisor (TA).‬ ‭The‬ ‭Transaction‬ ‭Advisor‬ ‭is‬ ‭required‬ ‭to‬ evaluate‬ ‭modality‬ ‭of‬‭ development ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Metro ‬‭Lines‬‭ (PPP/EPC)‬‭ and ‬‭shall ‬‭take ‬‭into ‬‭consideration‬ the‬ ‭financial‬ ‭feasibility,‬ ‭risk‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭Government,‬ ‭convenience‬ ‭for‬ ‭citizens‬ ‭(fare, ‬‭interchanges ‬‭etc.)‬ etc. and then make a recommendation to the Authority.‬

‭Scope of Services:‬

Transaction‬ ‭Advisory‬ ‭Services:

  • ‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭be‬ ‭guided‬ ‭in‬ ‭its‬ ‭assignment‬ ‭by‬ ‭the‬ ‭Model‬ ‭Concession‬ Agreement‬‭ (the‬‭“MCA”) and‬‭ the‬‭ Manual‬‭ of‬‭ Specifications ‬‭and‬‭ Standards ‬‭for ‬‭Metro‬ Rail‬ ‭Projects‬ ‭published‬ ‭by‬ ‭Planning‬ ‭Commission,‬ ‭Government‬ ‭of‬ ‭India‬ ‭(the‬ “Manual”)‬‭ and ‬‭the‬‭ Concession‬‭ Agreements ‬‭of ‬‭other ‬‭PPP‬‭ Metro‬‭ Rails‬‭ in ‬‭the ‬‭country‬ (the Mumbai Metro Line 1, the Hyderabad Metro and the Pune Metro Line 3)‬.
  • The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭be‬ ‭responsible‬ ‭for‬ ‭preparing‬ ‭the‬ ‭relevant‬ ‭Schedules‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement‬ ‭and‬ ‭for‬ ‭bringing‬ ‭out‬ ‭any‬‭ special ‬‭feature ‬‭or ‬‭requirement ‬‭of‬ the Project referred to in the Concession Agreement or the Manual.‬
  • ‭The‬‭ Consultant‬‭ shall‬‭ assist‬‭ the‬‭ Authority‬‭ by‬‭ furnishing‬‭ clarifications ‬‭as‬‭ required‬‭ for‬ the structuring, documentation and award of the Project.‬
  • ‭The‬‭ Consultant‬‭ shall‬‭ also‬‭ participate ‬‭in‬‭ the‬‭ pre-bid‬‭ conferences ‬‭with ‬‭the‬‭ Bidders‬‭ of‬ the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭and‬ ‭assist‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭in‬ ‭clarifying‬ ‭the‬ ‭financial‬ ‭and‬ ‭other‬ ‭aspects‬ related to the project.‬
  • The‬‭ Consultant ‬‭shall‬‭ make‬‭ available ‬‭the ‬‭Key‬‭ Personnel‬‭ to‬‭ attend‬‭ and‬‭ participate‬‭ in‬ meetings,‬ ‭conferences‬ ‭and‬ ‭discussions‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority/‬ ‭Concessionaire/‬ ‭other‬ Government‬ ‭bodies‬ ‭and‬ ‭shall‬ ‭otherwise‬ ‭advise‬ ‭on‬ ‭and‬ ‭assist‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭in‬ ‭the‬ diverse commercial issues that may arise from time to time.‬
  • The ‬‭Consultant‬‭ shall‬‭ assist ‬‭the‬‭ Authority‬‭ during‬‭ the‬‭ Conditions‬‭ Precedent‬‭ period‬‭ of‬ the Concession Agreement.‬
  • Evaluation‬‭ of‬‭ the ‬‭strategic ‬‭objectives ‬‭of ‬‭the‬‭ Authority ‬‭in ‬‭relation ‬‭to ‬‭the ‬‭Project ‬‭and‬ advising‬‭ on‬‭ the‬‭ commercial, legal ‬‭and‬‭ capital ‬‭structuring,‬‭ especially ‬‭with ‬‭reference‬ to Applicable Laws;‬
  • Review‬ ‭technology,‬ ‭design‬ ‭and‬ ‭cost‬ ‭estimates‬ ‭contained‬ ‭in‬ ‭the‬ ‭Detailed‬ ‭Project‬ Report and submit a detailed report on the review of the DPR;‬
  • Conduct ‬‭market‬‭ demand ‬‭assessment‬‭ of‬‭ real‬‭ estate‬‭ component ‬‭in‬‭ the‬‭ project ‬‭as ‬‭well‬ as identify land required for monetization or any other purpose;‬
  • Collection,‬ ‭compilation‬ ‭and‬ ‭analysis‬ ‭of‬ ‭relevant‬ ‭financial‬ ‭data‬ ‭relating ‬‭to‬‭ all‬‭ costs‬ (including ‬‭taxes‬ ‭-‬‭both ‬‭construction‬‭ and‬‭ operations)‬‭ and‬‭ revenues‬‭ (both‬‭ fare box‬‭ and‬ non-farebox);‬
  • Prepare ‬‭a‬‭reasonable‬‭ estimation‬‭ of‬‭ the ‬‭likely ‬‭direct‬‭ and ‬‭indirect ‬‭revenues,‬‭ covering‬ user charges, real estate linked revenues, advertisement revenues etc;‬
  • Prepare‬‭ a‬‭ comparative‬‭ for‬‭ different‬‭ models ‬‭being ‬‭exercised‬‭ by‬‭ different‬‭ Authorities‬ based on best practices elsewhere;‬
  • Assisting‬‭ the‬‭ Authority‬‭ in‬‭ identification‬‭ of ‬‭project ‬‭risks‬‭ and ‬‭in‬‭ allocation ‬‭of ‬‭the ‬‭same‬ in an efficient and economic manner;‬
  • Facilitate‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭in‬ ‭conducting‬ ‭workshop‬ ‭of‬ ‭key‬ ‭stakeholders ‬‭including‬‭ the‬ financiers for better understanding of structure and risk analysis;‬
  • Assist‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭and‬ ‭selecting‬ ‭the‬ ‭best‬ ‭alternative‬ ‭based‬ ‭on‬ ‭all‬ ‭the‬ ‭risks‬ ‭put‬ together;‬
  • Identification‬ ‭and‬ ‭quantification‬ ‭of‬ ‭estimated‬ ‭financial‬ ‭impact‬ ‭covering‬ ‭fiscal‬ commitments‬ ‭and‬ ‭contingent‬ ‭liabilities‬ ‭(FCCL)‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭on‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭and‬ government resources;‬
  • Development‬ ‭of‬ ‭various‬ ‭possible‬ ‭alternatives‬ ‭for‬ ‭revenue‬ ‭maximisation‬ ‭and‬ preparation of Revenue Model for the Project;‬
  • Advising on tax-related and legal issues arising out of the Project structuring;‬ prepare‬ ‭and‬ ‭draft‬ ‭the‬ ‭Concession‬ ‭Agreement;‬ ‭the‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭prepare‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement‬ ‭including‬ ‭the‬ ‭relevant‬ ‭Schedules‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Concession‬ Agreement including Technical specifications;‬
  • While‬ ‭drafting‬ ‭the‬ ‭CA,‬ ‭the‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭evaluate‬ ‭and‬ ‭compare‬ ‭the‬ ‭Model‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement‬ ‭(Planning‬ ‭Commission)‬ ‭as‬ ‭well‬ ‭as‬ ‭the‬ ‭Concession‬ Agreement of Reliance-MMRDA Metro, Hyderabad Metro, PML3;‬
  • Preparation‬ ‭of‬ ‭a‬ ‭consolidated‬ ‭list‬ ‭of‬ ‭approvals/consents/clearances‬ ‭required‬ ‭from‬ Government Instrumentalities; and‬ prepare Bid documents (RFQ and RFP);‬
  • Assist‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭in‬ ‭the‬ ‭entire‬ ‭bidding‬ ‭process‬ ‭including‬ ‭replying‬ ‭to‬ ‭various‬ queries‬ ‭raised‬ ‭by‬ ‭the‬ ‭bidders,‬ ‭amendments‬ ‭to ‬‭RFP ‬‭and ‬‭draft‬‭ CA ‬‭(CSC‬‭ and ‬‭CSD),‬
  • Technical ‬‭evaluation‬‭ of ‬‭bids ‬‭received,‬‭ opening‬‭ of ‬‭financial‬‭ and‬‭ technical‬‭ envelopes,‬ issuance of LOA up to the signing of the Concession Agreement‬.
  • Assist‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ ‭during‬ ‭the‬ ‭Conditions‬ ‭Precedent‬ ‭period‬ ‭after‬ ‭signing‬ ‭the‬ Concession agreement with the Concessionaire;‬
  • All ‬‭works ‬‭of‬‭ the‬‭ Concessionaire‬‭ should‬‭ be ‬‭in‬‭ line‬‭ with‬‭ the‬‭ guidelines‬‭ of‬‭ the‬‭ Central‬ and‬ ‭State‬ ‭Government‬ ‭including‬ ‭but‬ ‭not‬ ‭limited‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭New‬ ‭Metro‬ ‭Rail‬ ‭Policy,‬ 2017,‬‭ the ‬‭VGF ‬‭Guidelines,‬‭ Technical‬‭ Guidelines‬‭ as ‬‭issued ‬‭by ‬‭various‬‭ Ministries ‬‭in‬ relation to Metro Rail;‬
  • The‬‭ Consultant ‬‭shall‬‭ assist ‬‭in‬‭ the ‬‭VGF ‬‭process ‬‭including‬‭ preparation ‬‭of‬‭ documents,‬ formats ‬‭and‬‭ annexures ‬‭to‬‭ be ‬‭submitted ‬‭to‬‭ the ‬‭Central‬‭ Government‬‭ (in‬‭hard‬‭copies)‬ and drafting of answers to the queries raised by various Ministries;‬
  • Attend‬ ‭meetings‬ ‭in‬ ‭PMRDA,‬ ‭Mantralaya‬ ‭(Mumbai),‬ ‭various‬ ‭Ministries‬ ‭and‬ Departments‬ ‭in‬ ‭New‬ ‭Delhi,‬‭ visit ‬‭to‬‭ Hyderabad‬‭ and ‬‭Mumbai ‬‭in ‬‭the ‬‭respective ‬‭PPP‬ projects;‬
  • Prepare‬ ‭various‬ ‭strategy‬ ‭presentations/‬‭concept‬ ‭notes‬ ‭as‬ ‭sought‬ ‭by‬ ‭the‬ ‭Authority‬ from time to time;‬
  • In‬ ‭making‬ ‭its‬ ‭projections,‬ ‭recommendations‬ ‭and‬ ‭Reports,‬ ‭the‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ identify‬ ‭the‬ ‭underlying‬ ‭assumptions‬ ‭and‬‭ reach‬‭ an‬‭ agreement‬‭ with ‬‭the‬‭ Authority ‬‭in‬ relation ‬‭thereto.‬‭ The ‬‭services ‬‭to ‬‭be ‬‭rendered‬‭ by ‬‭the ‬‭Consultant‬‭ are‬‭ briefly‬‭ explained‬ in the later points.‬
  • The‬‭ Consultant‬‭ shall‬‭ also ‬‭consider‬‭ proposals ‬‭of ‬‭double ‬‭decker ‬‭flyovers‬‭ proposed‬‭ by‬ various‬ ‭Government‬ ‭agencies‬ ‭along‬ ‭the‬ ‭alignment‬ ‭and‬ ‭shall‬ ‭recommend‬ ‭whether‬ such ‬‭double ‬‭decker‬‭ flyovers‬‭ will ‬‭lead ‬‭to ‬‭variation ‬‭in ‬‭ridership‬‭ estimates. ‬‭The ‬‭scope‬ Includes ‬‭traffic ‬‭& ‬‭passenger‬‭ surveys‬‭–‬‭willingness‬‭ Survey ‬‭for ‬‭this ‬‭proposed ‬‭double‬ decker flyovers.‬
  • The‬ ‭consultant‬ ‭will‬‭ be‬‭ required ‬‭to‬‭ assess‬‭ on ‬‭the ‬‭requirement ‬‭of ‬‭real‬‭ estate‬‭ to ‬‭make‬ the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭feasible‬ ‭and‬ ‭shall‬ ‭provide‬ ‭necessary‬ ‭justifications‬ ‭for‬ ‭the‬ ‭same.‬
  • Furthermore,‬ ‭after‬ ‭such‬ ‭a‬ ‭requirement‬ ‭is‬ ‭established‬ ‭the‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭propose‬ various‬ ‭land‬ ‭parcels‬ ‭/‬ ‭real‬ ‭estate‬ ‭so‬ ‭that ‬‭Authority ‬‭can ‬‭initiate‬‭ the‬‭ land ‬‭acquisition‬ process.‬
  • ‭Although‬ ‭the‬ ‭Real‬ ‭Estate‬ ‭Assessment‬ ‭Report‬ ‭has‬ ‭been‬ ‭removed‬ ‭as‬ ‭a‬ separate‬ ‭deliverable,‬ ‭the‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭consider‬ ‭all‬ ‭financial ‬‭implications ‬‭of‬‭ the‬ same in the Reports.‬

Transaction Advisor‬:

‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭be‬ ‭responsible‬ ‭for‬ ‭review‬ ‭of‬‭ the ‬‭financial‬‭ parameters‬‭ and‬‭ examination ‬‭of‬‭ the‬ viability‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project.‬ The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭will‬ ‭also‬ ‭render‬ ‭advisory‬ ‭services‬ ‭for‬ ‭preparation‬ ‭of‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement,‬ ‭Bid‬ ‭documents‬ ‭(RFQ‬ ‭and‬ ‭RFP)‬ ‭including‬ ‭the‬ ‭relevant‬ ‭Schedules‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬‭ Agreement ‬‭and ‬‭in ‬‭conducting ‬‭the‬‭ bidding ‬‭process ‬‭for‬‭ selection ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Concessionaire‬‭ for‬ the‬ ‭project.‬

‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭also‬ ‭maintain,‬ ‭update‬ ‭and‬ ‭disseminate‬ ‭the‬ ‭necessary‬ ‭data‬ ‭and‬ information‬ ‭related‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭and‬ ‭the‬ ‭bid‬ ‭process.‬ During‬ ‭interaction‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭bidders‬ ‭and‬ stakeholders,‬‭ the‬‭ Consultant ‬‭shall ‬‭assist ‬‭the‬‭ Authority ‬‭in ‬‭responding ‬‭to ‬‭all‬‭ queries ‬‭satisfactorily ‬‭and‬ within‬ ‭the‬ ‭specified‬ ‭time.‬ The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭render‬ ‭advisory‬ ‭services‬ ‭up‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭signing‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement‬ ‭and‬ ‭assist‬ ‭during‬ ‭the‬ ‭conditions‬ ‭precedent‬ ‭period‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Concession‬ Agreement.‬

Review of the Detailed Project Report‬:

‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭review‬ ‭the‬ ‭Detailed‬ ‭Project‬ ‭Report‬ ‭for‬ ‭the‬ ‭PML4‬ ‭prepared‬ ‭by‬ ‭DMRC‬ ‭and‬ PML5‬ ‭DPR‬ ‭prepared‬ ‭by‬ ‭UMTC‬ ‭and‬ ‭comment‬ ‭on‬ ‭the ‬‭technical‬‭ aspects ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Project.‬‭ 

The ‬‭review‬ will‬ ‭cover‬ ‭assessment‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭scope‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭in‬ ‭accordance‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭identified‬ ‭service‬ ‭need;‬ assess‬ ‭the‬ ‭technical‬ ‭feasibility‬ ‭covering‬ ‭output‬ ‭specifications,‬ ‭appropriateness‬ ‭of‬ ‭technology,‬ technical ‬‭and‬‭ operation ‬‭practicality, ‬‭life‬‭ cycle ‬‭costs ‬‭for ‬‭major ‬‭components ‬‭and ‬‭other‬‭ matters ‬‭related‬ to the technical aspects of the Project and recommend areas of improvement‬.


‭Applicants‬ ‭must‬ ‭read‬ ‭carefully‬ ‭the‬ ‭minimum‬ ‭conditions‬ ‭of‬ ‭eligibility‬ ‭(the‬ ‭“Conditions‬ ‭of‬ Eligibility”)‬ ‭provided‬ ‭herein.‬ ‭Proposals‬ ‭of‬ ‭only‬ ‭those‬ ‭Applicants‬ ‭who‬ ‭satisfy‬ ‭the‬ ‭Conditions‬ ‭of‬ Eligibility will be considered for evaluation as elaborated herein:‬

The ‬‭Bidder ‬‭must‬‭ be‬‭ amongst‬‭ the‬‭ “Empanelled ‬‭Transaction ‬‭Advisors‬‭ for‬‭ Public ‬‭Private‬‭ Partnership‬ Projects‬ ‭by‬ ‭the‬ ‭Department‬ ‭of‬ ‭Economic‬‭ Affairs,‬‭ Ministry‬‭ of‬‭ Finance,‬‭ Government‬‭ of ‬‭India‬‭ vide‬ Notification dated 01/07/2022 bearing F.No.2/3/2021-PPP”‬

If the bidder is not empanelled with the DEA, GoI, it shall be required to fulfil the criteria‬ mentioned below:

  • ‭Must‬ ‭have‬ ‭provided‬ ‭transaction‬ ‭advisory‬ ‭services‬ ‭to‬ ‭at‬ ‭least‬ ‭one‬ ‭Project‬ ‭of‬ ‭minimum‬ Rs.200 cr‬ ‭in‬ ‭the‬ ‭similar‬ ‭PPP‬ ‭projects‬ ‭in‬ ‭the‬ ‭past‬ ‭10‬ ‭(Ten) ‬‭years ‬‭in‬‭ the‬‭ Transport‬‭ Sector‬ preceding‬ ‭the‬ ‭PDD.‬ ‭Projects‬ ‭like‬ ‭Roads,‬ ‭Railways,‬ ‭City‬ ‭Buses,‬ ‭BRTS,‬ ‭Light‬ ‭Rail,‬ Monorail, Suburban Rail and Metro will be considered under the Transport Sector.‬
  • Average turnover in the last three financial years should be more than Rs.10 cr.‬

The‬ ‭Bidder‬ ‭shall‬ ‭not‬ ‭use‬ ‭the‬ ‭credentials‬ ‭of ‬‭the ‬‭Associate‬‭ company‬‭ for‬‭ meeting ‬‭the‬‭ technical‬‭ and‬ financial‬ ‭criteria‬ ‭laid‬ ‭down‬ ‭in‬ ‭this‬ ‭RFP.‬ ‭For‬ ‭the‬ ‭purposes‬ ‭of‬ ‭this‬ ‭RFP,‬ ‭the‬ ‭word‬ ‭“Associate”‬ ‭is‬ defined under Clause 2.1 of this RFP.‬‬

‭The ‬‭Bidder‬‭ should‬‭ not ‬‭have‬‭ been‬‭ blacklisted/‬‭debarred/‬‭declared‬‭ in eligible‬‭ for‬‭ award ‬‭of‬‭ contract‬‭ by‬ any‬ ‭Government‬ ‭/‬ ‭Government‬ ‭undertaking/‬ ‭Semi‬ ‭Government‬ ‭/‬ ‭Govt.‬ ‭Controlled‬ ‭Institutions/‬Projects‬ ‭in‬ ‭India,‬ ‭during‬ ‭the‬ ‭last‬ ‭five‬ ‭(5)‬ ‭years.‬ 

Also,‬ ‭the‬ ‭Bidder‬ ‭should‬ ‭not‬ ‭have‬ ‭rescinded‬ ‭or‬ defaulted‬‭ on‬‭ the‬‭ Services ‬‭after‬‭ award ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Contract‬‭ during ‬‭the ‬‭last ‬‭five ‬‭(5)‬‭ years ‬‭from ‬‭the ‬‭date‬‭ of‬ opening of the Tender. The Bidder shall provide an undertaking as provided in this RFP.‬

The‬ ‭Bidder‬ ‭if‬ ‭they‬‭ want ‬‭to‬‭ act‬‭ through ‬‭their‬‭ representative ‬‭or‬‭ individual‬‭ partner(s) ‬‭should ‬‭submit‬ along‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭Tender,‬ ‭a‬ ‭Power‬ ‭of‬ ‭Attorney‬ ‭as‬ ‭in‬ ‭Form‬ ‭4‬ ‭of‬ ‭Appendix-(1)‬ ‭duly‬ ‭stamped‬ ‭and‬ authenticated‬ ‭by‬ ‭a‬ ‭Notary‬ ‭Public‬ ‭or‬ ‭by‬ ‭a‬ ‭Magistrate‬ ‭in‬ ‭favour‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭specific‬ ‭person‬ ‭whether‬ he/they‬ ‭be‬ ‭partner(s)‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭firm‬ ‭or ‬‭any‬‭ other ‬‭person‬‭ specifically ‬‭authorising ‬‭him/them ‬‭to ‬‭submit‬ the‬ ‭Tender,‬ ‭sign‬ ‭the‬ ‭Agreement,‬ ‭receive‬ ‭money,‬ ‭compromise,‬ ‭settle,‬ ‭relinquish‬ ‭any‬ ‭claim(s)‬ preferred by the firm and sign ‘No Claim Certificate’ and refer all or any disputes to arbitration.‬

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders. https://mahametrorail.etenders.in

Source: Pune Metro- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Pune Metro

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