Remarkable success for Indian Railways in freight loading till February 2024

Indian Railways has achieved a remarkable milestone with a freight loading of 1434.03 million tonnes (MT) until February 2024, marking an impressive increase of 66.51 MT compared to the same period last year. This achievement has led to earnings of Rs 1,55,557.1 crore from freight loading during the period from April 2023 to January 2024.

More Details:

On a cumulative basis from April 2023 – February 2024, freight loading of 1434.01 MT was achieved by Indian railways against last year’s loading of 1367.5 MT, an improvement of approximately 66.51 MT over last year’s loading for the same period. Railways has earned Rs 155557.1 Crore against Rs 149088.1 Crore over the last year which is an improvement of approx. Rs 6468.17 Crore, as compared to the same period of the last year.

During the month of February 2024, originating freight loading of 136.60 MT has been achieved against loading of 124.03 MT in February 2023, which is an improvement of approx. 10.13 % over the last year. Freight revenue of Rs. 14931.89 Crores has been achieved in February 2024 against Rs 13700.75 Cr freight earnings in February 2023, thereby showing an improvement of about 8.98 % over the last year.

Segment Wise Details:

  • IR achieved 59.08 MT in Coal,
  • 15.11 MT in Iron Ore,
  • 5.69 MT in Pig Iron and Finished Steel,
  • 7.59 MT in Cement (Excl. Clinker),
  • 5.45 MT in Clinker,
  • 5.10 MT in Food grains,
  • 3.962 MT in Fertilisers,
  • 4.06 MT in Mineral Oil,
  • 7.00MT in Containers and
  • 10.66MT in Balance Other Goods during February, 2024.

Customer-Centric Approach

Indian Railways attributes this outstanding achievement to its customer-centric approach and continuous efforts to enhance the ease of doing business. The implementation of agile policy-making and the diligent work of Business Development Units have significantly contributed to improving service delivery at competitive prices.


By adhering to the mantra, “Hungry For Cargo,” Indian Railways remains committed to further enhancing its freight loading capabilities and facilitating seamless transportation services, thereby driving economic growth and development across the nation.

Source: PIB- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): South Central Railway