RITES floats tender for manufacturing and supply of high friction composite brake blocks for Sri Lanka Railways

RITES Limited, a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, floated online e-tender for Manufacture and supply of High Friction Composite Brake Blocks to Part No. 30324385 as per Drawing No ICF/SR/DMU/DPC 2E-3-1-002 COL 1 for Sri Lanka Railways.

  • Name of Work: Manufacture and supply of High Friction Composite Brake Blocks to Part No. 30324385 as per Drawing No ICF/SR/DMU/DPC 2E-3-1-002 COL 1 for Sri Lanka Railways.
  • EMD: INR 75,200/-
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 09th Oct, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 18th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 19th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 19th Oct, 2023

Scope of Supply:

This contract is for the supply of the Goods of the description, specifications, and drawings, and in the quantities outlined in the contract on the dates specified therein.

Incidental Works/ Services: If so stipulated, the contractor shall be required to perform specified incidental Works/ Services (e.g., Installation, Commissioning, Operator’s Training etc. in case of Supply of Capital Goods/ Machinery & Plant) as an integral part of the Goods in the contract.

The Goods & incidental Works/Services to be provided by the contractor under this contract shall conform to the technical specifications and quality control parameters mentioned in ‘Technical Specification and Quality Assurance’ under Sections VII of the Tender Document or as stipulated in the contract.

Wherever references are made in the Contract to codes and standards by which it shall be executed, the edition or the revised version of such codes and standards shall be those specified in the Contract.

During Contract execution, any changes in any such codes and standards shall be applied only after approval by the Purchaser. For standards and requirements where no applicable specifications/ Quality Assurance are mentioned, appropriate latest authoritative standards and quality assurance issued by the concerned institution shall be applicable.

The Goods supplied shall be:

Entirely brand new, unused, and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless prescribed otherwise by the Procuring Entity in the contract.

Conform to materials, manufacture and workmanship as stipulated in the contract, free of all defects and faults using specified/appropriate materials, manufacture, and workmanship throughout and consistent with the established and generally accepted standards for Goods of the type ordered and in full conformity with the contract specification, drawing or sample, if any.

Sr. No.DeliverableQty.
1Manufacture and supply of High Friction Composite Brake Blocks to Part No 30324385 as per Drg No. ICF/SR/DMU/DPC 2/E-3-1-002 COL 1 for Sri Lanka Railways5000 Nos
2Warranty support for 24 months from date of commissioning of the equipment or 30 months from date of supply, whichever is earlierLump sum


Experience and Past Performance:

The bidder (manufacturer or principal of authorised representative – hereinafter referred simply as ‘The Bidder’) should have regularly, for at least last three years ending 31st March of previous financial year (hereinafter called ‘The Relevant Date’) manufactured and supplied High Friction Composite Brake Block part no. 30324385 as per drawing no ICF/SR/DMU/DPC 2/E-3-1-002 COL 1 (hereinafter called ‘The Product’) and

The bidder should have manufactured and supplied at least 2000 numbers (hereinafter referred as ‘The Qualifying Quantity’) of ‘The Product’ in at least one of the last five years ending on ‘The Relevant Date’.

Financial Standing – under all conditions:

The average annual financial turnover of ‘The Bidder’ during last three years, ending on ‘The Relevant Date’ should be at least Rs 15,04,000.00 ( or equivalent in foreign currency at exchange rate prevalent on ‘The Relevant Date’) as per the annual report (audited balance sheet and profit & loss account) of the relevant period, duly authenticated by a Chartered Accountant/ Cost Accountant in India or equivalent in relevant countries.

The net worth of ‘The Bidder’ should not be negative on ‘The Relevant Date’ and also should not have eroded by more than 30% (thirty percent) in the last three years ending on ‘The Relevant Date’.

In case of Indian Bidders/Companies who have been restructured by Banks in India, under the statutory guidelines, they would be deemed to have qualified the financial standing criteria considering the institutional financial backing is available to them.

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and from RITES website https://www.rites.com/

Source: RITES- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Eastern Railway