RITES floats tender for signalling and telecommunication work including electronic interlocking at various places and Chhal Station

RITES Limited, a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, invited online e-tender for Supply, installation, wiring, testing and commissioning of signalling and telecommunication work of distributed type electronic interlocking at unloading yard of SECL including alteration in existing EI system at Chhal Station with block working in between Chhal and SECL Yard.

  • Tender Reference Number: 11/OT/23-24/RITES/PU-BSP/Chhal/Loading Holding Yard/S&T work
  • Name of Work: Supply, installation, wiring, testing and commissioning of signalling and telecommunication work of distributed type electronic interlocking at unloading yard of SECL including alteration in existing EI system at Chhal Station with block working in between CHHAL and SECL Yard.
  • Estimated Cost: INR 14,86,56,916/-
  • EMD: INR 29,73,000/-
  • Period of Completion: 12 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 09th Oct, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 30th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 30th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 31st Oct, 2023

Scope of Works:

The contractor should note and clearly understand that M/s SECL is getting the work executed on through its consultant referred to as RITES in these documents. If any loss is sustained by M/s SECL the contractor will make good the same at his own cost. He shall also indemnify SECL/Owner against any claims resulting from the negligence of any acts of omission or commission of the contractor or his agents.

The Contractor shall deemed to have inspected and examined the site and its surroundings & information available in connection therewith & to have satisfied himself as far as practicable before submitting his Tender, as to the form and nature thereof including the subsurface conditions, the extent and the nature of work and materials necessary for the completion of the work, the means of access to the site etc and in general shall be deemed to have obtained all necessary information as to risks contingencies and all other circumstances which may influence or affect his Tender.

Before starting the work contractor/s shall submit Per Chart and get approved from the competent authority and the same shall be on display in office. This chart shall be reviewed after every 30 days.

The land and place where materials are to be stacked shall be made fit for stacking of materials by the contractor at his own cost, nothing extra will be paid for this purpose.

The contractor will also himself / themselves arrange and pay for the cost of land use for such working facilities as he/they need (i.e. land for labour camps, contractors office, approach road to site(s) of work etc., the contractor will be deemed to have included this element of cost in their through tendered rates and will not be entitled to any extra payment.

The contractor shall not be entitled to any compensation for any delay in the execution of related items of work to be executed under other contracts. Necessary haul roads as required by contractor shall be satisfactorily constructed and maintained by the contractor at his own cost.

The contractor must not interfere with the work of other contractors who may be employed simultaneously or otherwise by SECL. The contractor shall build and provide his site office at his own cost with communication arrangements.

If any loss is sustained by any acts of omission or commission of the Contractor or his agents will make good the same at his own cost. He/they shall also indemnify M/s SECL against any claims resulting from the negligence or any acts of omission or commission of the Contractor or his agents.

The Contractor/supplier shall make his own arrangement on his own sole account for transporting the materials within work premises under this Agreement. In case any material is rejected at the site due to its not conforming to the specifications, the contractor/supplier shall arrange to remove all such materials from site at his own cost within 7 days of the receipt of the notice to do so. In case of default, removal from site shall be done by M/s SECL at the risk and cost of the contractor/supplier.

If any work (whether/temporary or permanent) or materials, the value of which has been included in any on account bill, is destroyed/damaged for any reasons or stolen, the same shall restored or replaced by the contractor at his own cost or otherwise the value of the work or materials so destroyed/damaged or stolen shall be recovered by the SECL from any payment due to the contractor.

Before placing the supply order for El, IPS, Data logger, UFSBI, Axle counter specific approval of RITES Ltd. to be obtained. The same is required to maintain uniformity in signalling in the section.

All invoices for S&T work shall be accompanied with the following, for the purpose of arranging payment against Supply of items:

  • Supplier’s Delivery challan.
  • Inspection certificate and packing list granted by the authorised approved agencies/purchaser’s representative as per contract.
  • Certificate of receipt of material at client/contractor’s depot/s duly accepted by the site Engineer/client.
  • Notarized Indemnity Bond on non–judicial stamp paper of requisite value,
  • All risk policy as per GCC

The Materials which are to be inspected by RDSO should be supplied from RDSO approved vendors, If approved vendors are not available then supplied by vendors for developmental orders and if vendors for developmental orders are not available then from any other firm as approved by RITES.

S&T system shall be commissioned after the complete testing of all the signalling gears as per norms. After commissioning, a list of deficiency shall be prepared jointly by RITES/South Eastern Coalfields Limited and contractor.

The contractor shall rectify the listed defects within the stipulated time period mutually agreed. A Provisional Completion Certificate shall be issued by the RITES/South Eastern Coalfields Limited after the compliance of deficiencies by the contractor. During this period, the contractor shall be responsible for upkeep of the S&T system.

  • The following signalling equipments/ materials confirming to latest RDSO specifications and / or drawings, procured from RDSO approved supplier/ manufacturer shall be used:
    • Electronic Interlocking (EI)
    • All type of relays
    • Integrated Power Supply (IPS)
    • Data logger
    • Fuses & terminals
    • Battery/Cell
    • All type of indoor and outdoor signaling cables/wires
    • 110V AC LED signal light unit (Red, Yellow & Green) for main signal
    • Multi aspect colour light unit complete
    • Tubular signal part of outer dia 140 mm and length 36/46/56 metre surface base, signal ladder with platform guard and anchor bolts
    • Complete position light shunt signal with 110V AC LED signal light
    • Complete calling ON signal with 110 V AC LED signal light
    • Jn. type route indicator (1/2/3/4/5/6 way) with 110V AC LED signal light
    • Quad cable
    • 110V DC non-trailable point machine with internal mechanical lock
    • Location box/apparatus case
    • Variable resistance
    • Choke ‘B’ type
    • Track feed battery charger
    • Single/double line block instrument
    • Filter unit
    • DG set of required capacity
    • Equipment/ material other than above as required.
  • Certain equipments i.e. EI, IPS, & Data Logger, MSDAC, SSDAC UFSBI etc shall be installed by the OEM as per the commissioning check list issued by RDSO/OEM, if any.

Electronic Interlocking System:

  • Distributed Electronic Interlocking (EI) (Hot Standby) with dual VDU shall confirm to RDSO specification No. RDSO/SPN/192/2019 Ver.2.0 with latest amendments with hot standby and to suit signalling plan SECL Unloading and Loading yard of South Eastern Coalfields Limited.
  • In addition to other cards, vital I/O cards are also to be provided in the standby system. Dual VDU and operator’s PC both are to be provided for operation. Operation of all the gears are to be centralised from Dual VDU provided in panel building of the yard.
  • Dual VDU for operation of points and signals at all the yards. Multi core indoor copper cable 60X0.6mm/1mm confirming to RDSO specifications shall be supplied.
  • Installation and Design also suit the all specification and TAN guideline issued by RDSO, Railway Board and Zonal Railway Practice.


  • The bidder should have achieved a minimum average annual financial turnover of Rs. 14,86,56,916/- during the last 3 Financial Years and JV is Not Allowed.
  • The Bidder should have satisfactorily completed or substantially completed in his own name or proportionate share as a member of a Joint Venture, at least one similar work of minimum value of Rs. 9,66,26,995.00 OR at least two similar works each of minimum value of Rs. 5,94,62,766.00 during the last 7 (Seven) years prior to the last stipulated date for submission of the Bid. Works completed prior to the cut-off date shall not be considered.

Similar Works:

Similar Works shall mean the work of “Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of signalling & Telecommunication Equipments connection with the provision of New Panel Interlocking/Route Relay Interlocking/Electronic Interlocking, Automatic Signalling” carried out in India under a single contract (including additional work carried out under the contract).

In case the Bidder (Indian Company) wishes to rely on a work completed abroad, the value of such completed work in foreign convertible currency shall be converted into Indian Rupees.

The conversion rate shall be decided by RITES based on the rates of currency on the date of completion of work (the bidder to also submit the currency conversion rate as on completion date of the Credential Certificate relied upon by the bidder for the purpose of work experience).

Further, such a bidder (Indian Company) should have also completed at least one Similar work of value minimum 25% of estimated cost of work, in India in the last seven years prior to the last stipulated date for submission of the Bids.

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and from RITES website https://www.rites.com/

Source: RITES- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR