RITES invites tender for supply of dynamic brake grids assembly for Sri Lanka Railways

RITES Limited, a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, invites online e-tender for Supply of dynamic brake grids assembly to DLW Part No. 18011378 for Sri Lanka Railways.

  • Tender Reference Number: RITES/EXPO/SLR/Dynamic Brake Grid/01
  • Name of Work: Supply of dynamic brake grids assembly to DLW Part No. 18011378 for Sri Lanka Railways.
  • EMD: INR 99,120 Thousand
  • Period of Completion: 03 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 26th December, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 16th January, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 28th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 16th January, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 17th January, 2023

Scope of Supply:

  • This contract is for the supply of the Goods of the description, specifications, and drawings, and in the quantities outlined in the contract on the dates specified therein.
  • Incidental Works/ Services: If so stipulated, the contractor shall be required to perform specified incidental Works/ Services (e.g., Installation, Commissioning, Operator’s Training etc. in case of Supply of Capital Goods/ Machinery & Plant) as an integral part of the Goods in the contract.

Technical Specifications and Standards:

  • The Goods & incidental Works/ Services to be provided by the contractor under this contract shall conform to the technical specifications and quality control parameters mentioned in ‘Technical Specification and Quality Assurance’ under Sections VII of the Tender Document or as stipulated in the contract.
  • Wherever references are made in the Contract to codes and standards by which it shall be executed, the edition or the revised version of such codes and standards shall be those specified in the Contract. During Contract execution, any changes in any such codes and standards shall be applied only after approval by the Purchaser.
  • For standards and requirements where no applicable specifications/ Quality Assurance are mentioned, appropriate latest authoritative standards and quality assurance issued by the concerned institution shall be applicable. The Goods supplied shall be.
  • Entirely brand new, unused, and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless prescribed otherwise by the Procuring Entity in the contract.
  • Conform to materials, manufacture and workmanship as stipulated in the contract, free of all defects and faults using specified/ appropriate materials, manufacture, and workmanship throughout and consistent with the established and generally accepted standards for Goods of the type ordered and in full conformity with the contract specification, drawing or sample, if any.

Quantity Tolerance:

  • Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the obligation for completing supplies shall be considered complete if the Goods have been supplied to the tolerance of plus or minus 5% of the quantity or of the total value of goods ordered in the contract. Only the supplied quantity shall be paid for as per the terms of the contract.
  • Eligible Goods – Country of Origin and Minimum Local Content Unless otherwise stipulated in SCC or Contract, the country of origin of ‘Goods’ and ‘incidental Works/ Service’ to be supplied under the contract shall have their origin in India or other countries and must conform to the declaration made by the contractor in its bid regarding but not limited to:
    • Restrictions on certain countries with land-borders with India;
    • Minimum local content and location of value addition (Make in India Policy);
    • Contractor’s status as MSE or Start-up.
  • The term “origin” used in this clause means where the goods (including subcontracted components) are mined, grown, produced, or manufactured or from where the incidental Works/ Services are arranged and supplied. For purposes of this Clause, the term ‘Goods’ shall have the meaning as defined in GCCclause 1.2.

Option Quantity Clause:

  • If invoked explicitly in the contract, the Procuring Entity shall reserve the right, but without any obligation to do so, to increase or decrease the ordered quantity upto a percentage specified therein (or 25% if not specified) at any time, till the final delivery date of the contract, by giving reasonable notice and commensurate delivery period, even though the quantity ordered initially has been supplied in full before the last date of Delivery Period.

Spare parts in Supply of Capital Goods/ Machinery and Plant:

  • If SCC/ Contract declares it to be the procurement of Capital Goods/ Machinery & Plant, the contractor shall supply/ provide any or all of the following materials, information etc. about spare parts manufactured and/ or supplied by them.
  • The spare parts as selected by the Procuring Entity to be purchased from the contractor, subject to the condition that such purchase of the spare parts shall not relieve the contractor of any contractual obligation including warranty obligations; and
  • In case the production of the spare parts is discontinued within the service life of the equipment supplied hereunder (or a period stipulated in the contract):
  • Sufficient advance notice to the Procuring Entity before such discontinuation to provide adequate time for it to purchase the required spare parts etc., and
  • Immediately following such discontinuation, as and if requested by the Procuring Entity, provide free of cost the designs, drawings, layouts, specifications, and alternative sources of supply of such spare parts.
  • The contractor shall carry sufficient inventories to assure ex-stock supply of consumable spares for the Goods so that the same is supplied to the Procuring Entity promptly on receipt of the order from the Procuring Entity. 

Warranty/ Guarantee:

If so stipulated in the SCC/ Contract, the following warranty/ Guarantee clause shall apply:

  • The contractor hereby covenants that it is a condition of the contract that all Goods supplied to the Procuring Entity under this contract shall be free of all defects and faults arising from design, materials (except when the design adopted and/ or the material used are as per the Procuring Entity’s specifications) or workmanship or from any act or omission of the contractor, that may develop under regular use of the supplied Goods under the conditions prevailing in India.
  • Unless otherwise indicated in the contract, the contractor also guarantees that the said Goods would continue to conform to the description and quality as aforesaid, for 30 months after their delivery or 24 months from the date of placement in service (e.g., installation and commissioning), whichever shall be sooner.
  • Obligations of the contractor under the warranty clause shall survive even though:
    • The Goods may have been inspected, accepted, installed/ commissioned and paid for by the Procuring Entity.
    • The contract is terminated for any reason whatsoever.
  • The Procuring Entity shall promptly notify in writing to the contractor, If during the period above, the said goods/ stores/ articles are discovered not to conform to the description and quality or have deteriorated, otherwise than by fair wear and tear (the decision of the Procuring Entity in that behalf being final and conclusive).
  • Upon receipt of such notice, the contractor shall, within 14 days (or within any other period, if stipulated in the contract), expeditiously repair or replace the defective Goods or parts thereof, free of cost, at the ultimate destination.
  • The Contractor shall take over the replaced parts/ Goods after providing their replacements, and no claim shall lie on the Procuring Entity for such replaced parts/ Goods after that.
  • A penalty of 0.5% (half per cent) of the contract value for the delay in response time beyond specified time as detailed above shall be recoverable from the Performance/ Warrantee Guarantee or as per GCC-clause 10.4 below.
  • The maximum penalty for warranty failure will be 5% (Five percent) of the contract value during the whole warranty period. If there is further such delay after reaching this limit, Procuring Entity shall be entitled to encashment of whole of Performance/ Warrantee Guarantee Bonds. In such an event, action similar to GCC-clause 9.10 for inordinate delays would also be taken.
  • In case of any rectification of a defect or replacement of any defective Goods during the warranty period, the warranty for the rectified/ replaced Goods shall remain till the original warranty period.
  • If the contractor, having been notified, fails to rectify/ replace the defect(s) within 21 days (or within any other period, if stipulated in the contract), it shall amount to breach of Contract for default under GCC-clause 12.1, and the Procuring Entity shall avail any or all remedial action(s) thereunder
S. No.DeliverableQty.
1Supply of Dynamic Brake Grids Assembly to DLW Part No. 180113782
2Warranty support for 24 months from date of commissioning of the equipment or 30 months from the date of supply, whichever is earlier


  • Minimum local content for eligibility to participate: Only bidders meeting the minimum prescribed local content for the product shall be eligible to participate subject to the following conditions. This threshold shall be declared in TIS and/ or Section VI: Schedule of Requirements
  • Classes of Local Suppliers eligible to Participate: Based on the Make in India Policy, classes of local/ non-local Suppliers eligible to participate in the tender shall be declared in TIS/ AITB/ Schedule of Requirements. If not so declared, only Class-I and Class-II local Suppliers shall be eligible to participate and not non-local Suppliers.

Following thresholds shall be declared in the Tender Document:

  • Minimum local content for Contractor classification: local content percentage prescribed to qualify as Class-I or Class-II local Suppliers for various products
  • Minimum local content for eligibility to participate: Minimum local content percentage prescribed for eligibility for a bid to be considered.
  • The margin of purchase preference: The bid price quoted by Class-I Local Supplier should be within this percentage from the L-1 price quoted by Non-local or Class-II bidders for being eligible for purchase preference.
  • If not so declared, the default threshold shall be as follows:
    • Local content for eligibility for Class-I; Class-II local Suppliers and Non-local Suppliers shall be 50% and above; 20% and above but less than 50%; and less than 20%, respectively.
    • Minimum local content for eligibility to participate shall be 50%,
    • The margin of purchase preference shall be 20%

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and from RITES website https://www.rites.com/

Source: RITES- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Southern Railway