RITES invites tender for the construction of electronic interlocking building in Ukhra Station premises in connection with Jhanjra Railway siding

In a strategic leap towards advancing railway infrastructure, RITES Limited, a distinguished Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, has initiated an e-tender process for the “Construction of EI Building & EI Goomty” in Ukhra Station premises, in connection with Jhanjra Railway Siding at Ukhra Railway Station, Dist.: West Burdwan, West Bengal.

  • Tender Reference Number: 13/OT/RITES/ERPO-KOL/ECL-Jhanjra/EI Bldg/2023
  • Name of Work: Construction of EI Building & EI Goomty in Ukhra Station premises in connection with Jhanjra Railway Siding at Ukhra Railway Station, Dist.: West Burdwan, West Bengal.
  • Estimated Cost: INR 2,08,52,339/-
  • EMD: INR 4,17,000/-
  • Period of Completion: 06 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 15th Dec, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 27th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 15th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 27th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 28th Dec, 2023

Scope of Works:

  • Construction of EI Building & EI Goomty in Ukhra Station premises in connection with Jhanjra Railway Siding at Ukhra Railway Station, Dist.: West Burdwan, West Bengal.”
    • One (01) no RCC framed double storied EI Cabin Building works, 2 nos RCC framed EI Goomty, including PCC, RCC, Bricks work, finishing, painting, electrification, sanitary and plumbing work etc.
    • Other Allied work.

Inspection of site by the Tenderers:

Tenderers are strongly advised to inspect and examine the site, understand its surroundings and satisfy themselves regarding various aspects before submitting their Tenders, as to the nature of the ground and subsoil (as far as is practicable), the form and nature of the site, the means of access to the site, local conditions, working hours, working conditions, availability of water, electricity, construction Labour, construction materials and other relevant requirements connected with work, the accommodation they may require and in general shall themselves obtain all necessary information as to risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may influence or affect their Tender.

A Tenderer shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the site whether he inspects it or not and no extra charges consequent on any misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed. The Tenderer shall be responsible for arranging and maintaining at his own cost all materials, tools & plants, water, electricity, access, facilities for workers and all other services required for executing the work unless otherwise specifically provided for in the contract documents.

Submission of a tender by a Tenderer implies that he has read this notice and all other contract documents and has made himself aware of the scope and specifications of the work to be done and of conditions and rates at which stores, tools and plant etc. will be issued to him by the Employer and local conditions and other factors having a bearing on the execution of the work.

Safety Barricading:

  • Safety barricading along the work site to be provided by the Contractor as per the approved drawing (to be issued before commencement of the work) and direction of Engineer-in-Charge to prevent any untoward incident at site. The cost of such temporary barricading shall be borne by the Contractor.
  • The Contractor has to work along with other agencies in and around the area allotted for his works. He should execute all his works in complete coordination and co-operation with all such agencies and provide access to other agencies so that at no time either his work or the work of other agencies is stopped or delayed.
  • In case of any dispute in this regard, the decision of the Engineer-in-charge or his representative will be final and binding on the Contractor. No claim for idle labour, plant and machinery under any circumstances will be entertained by the ECL/RITES.
  • For work close to railway line, road telephone line, power line (both underground and overhead) and structures, all precautions should be taken for ensuring that during the execution of the work no damage is caused to such assets and also no obstruction is caused to the movement of trains/road traffic.

Electric Power Distribution and Wiring:

The electric power will be received and distributed in a building, through following means:-

  • Cabling and switchgear to receive power. The building is divided into a convenient number of parts, each part served by a rising main system to distribute power vertically/horizontally.
  • Power flows from rising main through tap-off box to floor main board to final DBs and then to wiring.
  • Dedicated circuits for different loads such as lighting, HVAC, power plug loads shall be provided, wherever possible.
  • Rising main, which takes care of general lighting and power outlet load of the building, should have independent cables for lighting as well as power, wherever possible.
  • Other loads like lifts, water pump sets, other motor loads are fed by independent cables of suitable capacity fed from properly designed essential/ non- essential LT power panels with suitably designed switchgear having necessary control and safety features.
  • Therefore, the distribution/wiring system essentially consists of provision of cables, switchgear, rising main, bus-ducting, earthing, laying of pipes/ conduits etc. (in surface or recess) based on proper detailed designing to decide on various sizes/ capacities of these components and various controls and safeties involved, to provide an efficient, reliable, safe and adequate electrical distribution and wiring system.
  • A typical schematic diagram of power distribution of a building is enclosed.


Work Experience:

The Bidder should have satisfactorily completed or substantially completed in his own name or proportionate share as a member of a Joint Venture, at least one similar work of minimum value of Rs. 1,66,81,871/- OR at least two similar works each of minimum value of Rs. 1,04,26,169/- OR at least three similar works each of minimum value of Rs. 83,40,935/- during the last 7 (Seven) years prior to the last stipulated date for submission of the Bid. Works completed prior to the cut-off date shall not be considered.

Similar Works:

Similar Works shall mean the work of any Civil engineering work involving construction of residential/service buildings for Railways, CPWD, MES, DOT, RITES, State PWD or any other Central/State Government Undertaking or their subsidiaries, Municipal Body, Autonomous Body of Central Government or Public Ltd., carried out in India” a single contract (including additional work carried out under the contract)

  • In case the Bidder (Indian Company) wishes to rely on a work completed abroad, the value of such completed work in foreign convertible currency shall be converted into Indian Rupees.
  • The conversion rate shall be decided by RITES based on the rates of currency on the date of completion of work (the bidder to also submit the currency conversion rate as on completion date of the Credential Certificate relied upon by the bidder for the purpose of work experience).
  • Further, such a bidder (Indian Company) should have also completed at least one Similar work of value minimum 40% of estimated cost of work, in India in the last seven years prior to the last stipulated date for submission of the Bids.

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and from RITES website https://www.rites.com/

Source: RITES- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Southern Railway