RLDA invites bids for providing consultancy services for Whitefield Colony Re-development integrated with Station

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited proposals through e-tendering single stage, one packet e-bid system from RLDA Empanelled Financial & Marketing Consultants Panel 2of RLDA for above mentioned subject as per following details, with estimated cost of work Rs. 12.91 Lakhs per site. The Site details are as below:-

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/RFP/CT- 42 of 2021
  • Name of Work: Engagement of Architectural, Financial & Marketing Consultant from RLDA Empanelled Consultants under Panel 2 for providing consultancy services for Whitefield Colony Re-development integrated with the station in Bangalore division of South Western Railway.
  • Document Download Start Date: 17-Sep-2021
  • Document Download End Date: 08-Oct-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 17-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 08-Oct-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 08-Oct-2021

About the project:

  • Indian Railways (IR) has Railway Colony at almost every location  in India; most  of these colonies require re-development and leasing of surplus land for residential and other permissible uses. The  subject  under consideration  is  for  the  consultancy  for Whitefield Colony re-development Integrated with Station in Bangalore Division of South Western Railway.
  • For development of the surplus land for commercial development, RLDA (a statutory authority) was constituted in November 2006 by an amendment to the Railway Act 1989 as a separate entity under the Ministry of Railways to undertake all tasks related to property development on railway land under the control of the Ministry of Railways. 
  • In order to expedite the commercial utilization of the sites, RLDA had  empanelled reputed Consultants having in-depth experience in the fields of (i) Architectural & Real Estate and (ii) Financial & Marketing separately. The Empanelment of Consultants in the field of Financial & Marketing was done by   RLDA  videletter   No. RLDA/2018/RFE/Financial Consultant/168/Pt-1-Part (1)   dated   01.07.2021and following 13 Consultants were Empanelled:-
    • Darashaw& Company Pvt. Ltd.
    • Ernst & Young LLP
    • CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
    • Knight Frank (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    • JLL Property Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    • Feedback Infra Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
    • CRISIL Risk & Infrastructure Solutions Ltd.
    • Consortium of ADROIT & Co.& RSP Advisorsix) Cushman & Wakefield India Pvt.Ltd.
    • InnovestAdvisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
    • RITES Limited.
    • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP.
    • Anarock Property Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Note:- The empaneled consultant Under Panel 1 in the field of Financial & Marketing was by RLDA vide letter No. RLDA/2018/RFE/Financial Consultant/168/Pt-1-Part (1) dated 01.07.2021 are also eligible for marketing of this site.


The primary objective of this consultancy is to:-

  • For Architects and Real Estate Consultants:
    • Study and survey the site, collect and verify land  records, and prepare feasibility reports.
    • Preliminary design & architectural concept plans.
    • Architectural concept plans for the redevelopment works,(iv)All scope stated in Activity-1& Activity-2. 
  • For Financial and Marketing Consultants:
    • Develop the financial model, suggest a project model.
    • Customise the bid documents based on RLDA’s standard bid document.
    • Market the project.
    • Assist RLDA in managing the bidding process for the development of the project and selection of the developer/bidder generally through a one stage  two packet bidding system (unless there is a specific merit in going for a two stage tendering system justified by the Consultant).
    • All scope stated in Activity-4 and/or 5.
  • In order to ensure:-
    • Maximum participation and higher competition among prospective bidders.
    • Higher returns to RLDA with adequate safeguards against risks.
    • Attractive projects models for developers in terms of achievement of permitted FSI and realization of greater value for the site.
    • That the bidding process is completed smoothly leading finally to signing of agreement with the selected Developer/Bidder.

The complete Tender Document can be viewed/downloaded (for view purpose only and not for bidding) on free view tab of the e-tendering portal i.e.  www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA free of cost or link on Tender section of RLDA website.

Source: RLDA-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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