RLDA invites tender for consultancy services for commercial development and colony redevelopment at Jammu Tawi Railway Station

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited Proposal through e-tendering mode for Engagement of architectural, financial & marketing consultant from RLDA empanelled financial & marketing consultants Panel-1 for providing consultancy services for commercial development and colony redevelopment at Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/RFP/CT- 14
  • Name of Work: Engagement of architectural, financial & marketing consultant from RLDA empanelled financial & marketing consultants Panel-1 for providing consultancy services for commercial development and colony redevelopment at Jammu Tawi Railway Station.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 22.75 Lakhs
  • EMD: INR 25 Thousand
  • Document Download Start Date: 25th July, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 08th August, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 25th July, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 08th August, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 08th August, 2023


  • Indian Railways (IR) has approximately 43,000 hectares of vacant land. Land, not required for operational purposes in the near future, is entrusted to RLDA by the Railway Board in phases for commercial development.
  • The size of plots varies from small plots to huge land parcels and in addition air spaces of Station buildings/Service Building etc. are also available for such commercial development/Colony Re-development.
  • The subject sites under consideration for the consultancy is for land over which Commercial Development and Colony Redevelopment at Jammu Tawi Railway Station (the “Project”).
  • RLDA is following different models for commercial development of sites that are elaborated in Clause 5 of TOR.
  • In addition to the list of models indicated in Clause 5 of TOR, RLDA may adopt any other model or modify these models based on its experience, advice of its legal advisors and inputs provided by the Consultant(s).
  • The Consultant while performing the Consultancy shall modify and supplement all its reports and deliverables, whenever required, so as to provide all financial and commercial data for implementation/execution of the model adopted by RLDA for appraisal.
  • The standard parameters for some of the items to be used in financial analysis shall be given by RLDA initially. However, Consultant may adopt other parameters with justification thereof.
  • Further, RLDA may issue, from time to time, a uniform set of financial parameters to be followed by all financial consultants working for it on various project sites. Consultant shall adopt such parameters in all its works including financial computations even if it amounts to reworking of earlier reports of deliverables.


The primary objective of this consultancy is to:

  • For Architects and Real Estate Consultants;
    • Study and survey the site, collect and verify land records, prepare feasibility report,;
    • Preliminary design & architectural concept plans,
    • Architectural concept plans for the redevelopment works,
    • All scope stated in Activity – 1 & Activity -2.
  • For Financial and Marketing Consultants;
    • Develop the financial model, suggest a project model;
    • Customise the bid documents based on RLDA’s standard bid document;
    • Market the project;
    • Assist RLDA in managing the bidding process for the development of the project and selection of the developer/bidder generally through one stage two packet bidding system (unless there is a specific merit in going for two stage tendering system justified by the Consultant); and
    • All scope stated in Activity – 4 and/or 5.
  • In order to ensure:
    • Maximum participation and higher competition among prospective bidders;
    • Higher returns to RLDA with adequate safeguards against risks;
    • Attractive projects models for developers in terms of achievement of permitted FSI and realisation of greater value for the site;
    • That the bidding process is completed smoothly leading finally to signing of agreement with the selected Developer/Bidder.

The Site details are as below:

Sr. No.




Approx. area(in Ha.)

Site Code


Jammu Tawi

Railway Station


Jammu &




Scope of Services:

  • The services to be performed by the Consultant shall include but not be limited to the scope indicated in Clause 3 and Clause 4 of TOR and/or any specific provision stated in the RFP.
  • Consultant shall also perform all such services and activities which are not specified herein but that might be required for achieving the Objective of the Consultancy specified in Clause 2 above, framing of the reports and deliverables listed at Clause 6 & 7 of TOR and completing the Consultancy in terms of Clause 11 below.
  • Meeting with the RLDA:-The Consultancy requires close interaction with RLDA & Concerned Division Railway Officials for timely inputs, meeting and reviews, feedback/observation by RLDA.
  • The Consultant shall actively assist in RLDA’s reviews of various submissions and provide necessary clarifications, documents and back-up information for conducting the reviews at Delhi & Concerned Railway Division Offices.
  • The respective Key Personnel of the Consultant shall be present in all important review meetings at RLDA office in Delhi as required by RLDA while other support personnel assisting the Key Personnel in the consultancy may attend other meetings.

Activities of the Services:

  • Collection of data, and Site Survey and Site Appraisal and scope stated in the RFP, if any, shall collectively be referred as Activity-1. The Consultant may also be supplied any information already available with RLDA.
  • However, the Consultant is fully responsible for all activities stated below. Activity-1 shall also include the following mentioned below.

Collection of data:

  • Collection of details of Site such as existing platforms, FOBs, station building, number of trains (local/long distance), passengers (local/long distance), station earning from each source, various existing railway offices/buildings/utilities/stalls/parking, hoardings, drains, construction material in use, history of station etc. depending upon the location of the site.
  • Collection of details of title/ownership of the Railway land (either from Railway or from the state revenue authorities), verification of the same from the Revenue Authorities with respect to availability of title of the Railways and authenticated records from the same, superimposing of the proposed Site on the authenticated land records.
  • The Consultant shall collect relevant details, information data, reports, future plans from the concerned local bodies/departments and from the market regarding present and proposed planned development within the influence area of the site. These data should include but not be limited to:
    • Details of similar residential/commercial developments in the vicinity/city.
    • Contact addresses with phone numbers of real estate developers active in the city, concerned officials of local bodies like Development Authority, Municipality, Revenue Authority, State Government, and others who are responsible/connected with land use/approval process.

Site Appraisal and Re-development:

  • The consultant shall carry out an appraisal of the site with respect to its location area , neighbourhood developments and physical infrastructure like water supply, electricity, sewerage, roads etc.
  • Consultant shall ascertain requirement of roads/new roads. To study the present traffic flow and future impact on the proposed Redevelopment of Railway Colony and to give suggestions/design/specification to tackle future traffic flow.

Site Survey and Plans:

  • Carrying out site survey to locate the land boundaries including all topographical features and obligatory points, surrounding roads/structures/drains etc. using modern surveying instruments and measure/plot the sides and diagonals of the site.
  • Based on the survey, the Consultant prepared a plan of the site showing all the details of the plot, existing structures, buildings as well as surroundings roads/buildings etc.
  • The plan should also show the extent of all planned development features like building, roads etc. as well as details of encroachment, if any, in consultation with Railways etc. Three copies of such a plan in hard & soft form to be given.
  • All existing structure/ buildings and other components up to an area of 200m surroundings as per on ground. Detailed area/ tabulations of type of building structure and utilities etc. existing at site by giving their sizes, nos. Etc.
  • Collection of detail of site such as number of blocks and its area, number of units, service building, utilities etc., water supply sewerage, water tank, electric substations and distribution lines, etc. in liaison with concerned Railway Officials.
  • The following plans shall have to be prepared;
    • By superimposing the site plan on the Google map or the like.
    • By superimposing the site plan on Master/Development/Land use plan.
    • Key plan showing the site.
    • To show existing utilities, with dimensions by superimposing on the site plan.
  • By superimposing Khasra on site plan;
    • To show the redevelopment of existing infrastructure, by superimposing on the site plan and the land/built up area available/generated by redevelopment/relocation for residential/commercial development.

The complete document can be downloaded from www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA

Source: RLDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR