RLDA invites tender for engagement of architectural & real estate consultant for commercial development at Udaipur Railway Station

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited Proposal through e-tendering mode for Engagement of architectural & real estate consultant for commercial development of 26,438 sqm at Udaipur Railway Station of North Western Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/RFP/CT-19 of 2023
  • Name of Work: Engagement of architectural & real estate consultant for commercial development of 26,438 sqm at Udaipur Railway Station of North Western Railway.
  • Estimated Cost: INR 8.53 Lakh
  • EMD: INR 17,100/-
  • Document Download Start Date: 21st Aug, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 22nd Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 21st Aug, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 22nd Sep, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 22nd Sep, 2023


  • Indian Railways is one of the biggest landowners in the country. While majority of the land of around 4.3 lakh hectares is under use for Railway operations including tracks, station and yard structures, around 43,000 hectares lie vacant and unutilized.
  • For development of the surplus land for commercial development, RLDA (a statutory authority) was constituted in November 2006 by an amendment to the Railway Act 1989 as a separate entity under the Ministry of Railways to undertake all tasks related to property development on railway land under the control of the Ministry of Railways.
  • RLDA invites proposals (single stage, single packets bid system) from experienced consultants on prescribed forms and annexures in this RFP for Engagement of Architectural & Real Estate Consultant for Commercial Development of 26438 Sqm at Udaipur Railway Station of North Western Railway.


  • The primary objective of this consultancy is to:
    • Study and survey the site, collect and verify land records, and prepare feasibility reports.
    • Preliminary design & architectural concept plans and prepare DPR.
    • Facilitate RLDA in obtaining various NOCs and approvals from Urban local Bodies and Statutory Authorities.
    • All scope stated in Activity – 1, 2 and 3.

Scope of the Services:


  • Collection of data, Site Survey and Site Appraisal and scope stated in the RFP, if any, shall be collectively referred as Activity-1. The Consultant may also be supplied any information already available with RLDA. However, the Consultant is fully responsible for all activities stated below.

Collection of data:

  • Collection of details of title/ ownership of the Railway land (either from Railway or from the state revenue authorities), verification of the same from the Revenue Authorities with respect to availability of title of the Railways and authenticated records from the same, superimposing of the proposed Site on the authenticated land records.
  • The Consultant shall collect relevant details, future plans from the concerned local bodies/departments and from the market regarding present and proposed planned development within the influence area of the site.
  • Details of similar Commercial/Residential developments in the vicinity/city.
  • Contact addresses with phone numbers of real estate developers active in the city, concerned officials of local bodies like Development Authority, Municipality, Revenue Authority, State Government, and others who are responsible/connected with land use/approval process.

Site Appraisal and Redevelopment:

  • The consultant shall carry out an appraisal of the site with respect to its location area, neighbourhood developments and physical infrastructure like water supply, electricity, sewerage, roads etc.
  • Consultant shall ascertain requirement of roads/new roads. To study the present traffic flow and future impact on the proposed Redevelopment of Railway Colony and to give suggestions/design/specification to tackle future traffic flow.
  • As per the details given in Work Order, consultant in discussion with railway authorities and RLDA, and shall also prepare the schemes/designs/drawings including cost estimates for the re-development works for Railway colony, if required and its maintenance by the developer for a specified period, in consultation with RLDA.
  • Consultant will provide an area wise list of soft /hard encroachments, if any with present status.
  • Any reservation of green or others as per Master plan will also be provided by the Consultant.
  • Consultant will also provide the detailed bill of dues (if any) of the concerned regulatory authority.
  • Consultant will provide and assist RLDA for obtaining applicable permits /NOC for conversion of land, ULC, if applicable in the state and any other/specific permission/NOC required for the development of the projects.

Site Survey and Plans:

  • Carrying out site survey to locate the land boundaries including all topographical features and obligatory points, surrounding roads/structures/drains etc. using modern surveying instruments and measure/plot the sides and diagonals of the site.
  • Based on the survey, the Consultant prepared a plan of the site showing all the details of the plot, existing structures, buildings as well as surroundings roads/buildings etc.
  • The plan should also show the extent of all planned development features like building, roads etc. as well as details of encroachment, if any, in consultation with Railways etc. Three copies of such a plan in hard & soft form to be given.
  • All existing structure/buildings and other components up to an area of 200m surroundings as per on ground. Detailed area/ tabulations of type of building structure and utilities etc. existing at site by giving their sizes, nos. etc.
  • Collection of detail of site such as number of blocks and its area, number of units, service building, utilities etc., water supply sewerage, water tank, electric substations and distribution lines, etc. in liaison with concerned Railway Officials.
  • The following plans shall have to be prepared:
    • By superimposing the site plan on the Google map or the like.
    • By superimposing the site plan on Master/Development/Land use plan.
    • Key plan showing the site.
    • To show existing utilities, with dimensions by superimposing on the site plan.
    • By superimposing Khasra on site plan
  • To show the redevelopment of existing infrastructure, by superimposing on the site plan and the land/built up area available/generated by redevelopment/relocation for Commercial/ Residential development, if required.


  • Preparation of Architectural Plans/Layout Plan/Conceptual Master plan/redevelopment plan, as per the site conditions and for the purpose of obtaining NOCs.
  • The Consultant shall prepare the concept plans for the Project. The plans should be in conformity with the policy guidelines issued by the Ministry of Railways and the provisions of the local bye-laws and master plan to the extent the same is applicable to this Project.
  • To examine Master Plan/Building Bye-Laws provisions, directive/guidelines of local authorities as whether partitioning/subdivisions of land for redevelopment of railway colony and leasing remaining land/built up area for Commercial/Residential will be a prerequisite and if so, the process thereof.
  • Detailed site appraisal and re-development/rehabilitation/relocation plan (wherever applicable) will have to be made.
  • Phasing of re-development and proposed development including development periods, if any, in close liaison / association with RLDA and Railway officials. The phasing plan should be executable without disturbing the utilities of residence to the extent possible.
  • Preparation of shifting plan of occupied quarters with consultation of Railway and RLDA officials under do ability if required, for convenient implementation of the project.

Architectural Concept Master Plans/Layout Plans:

  • Consultant shall prepare architectural concept plans for the proposed development and redevelopment (if required) keeping in view of occupancy, utility, parks, community halls, parking, playground etc.
  • Consultant shall prepare architectural concept plans showing proposed FSI/FAR, building coverage, permissible height, land use, green and open spaces in accordance with existing Bye-Laws.
  • To prepare drawings showing proposed road infrastructure and parking facilities taking into account the existing accessibility and circulation patterns.
  • To prepare a Master Plan showing proposed phasing of complete development in consultation with concerned Railway officials and RLDA.
  • Preparation of development/redevelopment strategy (do ability) for effective implementation of the project, if required.
  • The Consultant shall also advise RLDA on the feasibility of exploitation of full potential of FSI at the site including any phasing in case of phased development.


  • Providing, Erection & Fixing of display board at site:- The consultant has to provide one or two display boards at site for which Rs.80,000/- per board may be paid.
  • The work will involve providing erection and fixing in position of display board at RLDA site, of size 2.44 x 1.80 metre, with high quality flex banner, welded in rolled steel box tubular section made of ISA 25x25x2/3 mm (or) 30x30x4 mm, all around and from top to bottom along the height at every 0.6m centre to centre, to be fixed on steel angle main frame with verticals & horizontal member size ISA 100x50x5 mm or ISA 75x75x6 mm, the steel angle frame to be fixed to two vertical posts of ISMC 200 welded together to form a box section going up to top of the frame and at lower level (1.5M height) each post to be supported by a strut of ISA 75x75x6 mm welded together to form a box embedded in suitable foundation, including earthwork, excavation of size 0.6×0.6×1.2 metre dully filled with sand of 15mm thick, CC concrete (1:3:6) of 15 cm thick and remaining filled with mass concrete of M20 mix.
  • The ground clearance of the display board should be 1.5m. The painting of the entire MS section shall be made with approved quality paint of 2 coats over primer. On 2.44m x 1.80m board, the background colour and the names shall be written with approved quality of flex prints with approved content with letters of specified font and language, drawings, pictures etc., as approved by RLDA.
  • Activity-3 is an optional activity and shall be carried out by the consultant after obtaining specific permission/request from RLDA in writing. The payment of this activity shall be based on the Lump sum rate given in SN.3 of Clause 6 of TOR.


  • For considering a consultancy assignment as “Eligible Assignment”, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:
  • Detailed master planning & urban designing / Comprehensive consultancy of urban real estate projects (such as district centre, shopping mall /complex, Transit Oriented Development Projects, hotel, entertainment complex, office complex, residential complex, residential redevelopment, station redevelopment etc.) having built up area of at least 15,000 sqm.
  • For ongoing projects, if progressive completion of BUA of Consultancy Assignment on date equals or crosses the figure of 15,000 sqm then that can also be counted.
  • Sub- consultancy will not be considered as eligible experience.
  • For claiming the desired experience, Bidder shall have to submit a valid proof acceptable to RLDA.

Work Experience:

  • The Bidder must have experience of having successfully completed at least 03 (Three) eligible consultancy assignments (as defined in 2.1 above) during the last 07 (Seven) years reckoned from the publication date of this RFP.


  • The average annual turnover as per audited balance sheet of the bidder from advisory and consultancy fee in the preceding 03 (three) financial years ending March 2022 shall not be less than Rs.15 Lac (Rs. Fifteen Lac only).
  • Consortium/ JV are not allowed.

The complete document can be downloaded from www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA

Source: RLDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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