RLDA invites tender for grant of lease of air space for commercial development at Tirupati railway station for 60 years

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited Proposal through e-tendering mode for Grant of lease hold rights of vertical air space measuring approx. plan area is 3664 Sqm and built-up area is 36,640 Sqm for a period of 60 years for commercial development, above the newly developed south side building of Tirupati railway station.

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/2023/RFP/CAS-02 of 2023
  • Name of Work: Grant of lease hold rights of vertical air space measuring approx. plan area is 3664 Sqm and built-up area is 36,640 Sqm. for a period of 60 years for commercial development, above the newly developed south side building of Tirupati railway station.
  • Estimated Cost: INR 26.82 Crore
  • EMD: INR 75 Lakh
  • Document Download Start Date: 11th January, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 28th February, 2023
  • Pre- Bid Meeting: 30th January, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 11th January, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 28th February, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 28th February, 2023


  • Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has been authorized by the Ministry of Railways to undertake the commercial development of Vertical air space measuring approx. 36,640 sq. m. above the newly developed South Side of Tirupati Railway Station in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • The scope of work aims to create commercial development (hotel & retail or any other uses permissible as per AP Govt buildings rules and other applicable rules and regulations) on the upper floors of the newly developed Station building on South Side of Tirupati Railway Station.

Details are as below: 

S. No.DescriptionDetails
1Built-Up Area (BUA)36,640 Sq. m.
2LocationSouth Side of Tirupati Railway station (Above fourth floor @ +16600 mm)
5StateAndhra Pradesh
6Number of Building Blocks2 Blocks over South Side Building
7Area for HotelApprox. 29,312 sq. m.
8Area for RetailApprox. 3,664 sq. m.
9Area of Service FloorApprox. 3,664 sq. m.
  • The areas are approximate and can change as per the market demand and business model of the developer, within the limits of permissible BUA.
  • The integral structural system of South side Station building should be maintained for vertical (high-rise) space commercial development.
  • The Site is located alongside the approach road to the south of Tirupati Railway Station. The development site falls under the Tirupati Municipal Corporation. The built-up area (BUA) for the vertical air space is approx. 36,640 sqm.
  • The vertical air space above Four floors at 16600 mm of the newly developed building is fairly leveled and is in L shaped unit of two blocks. The lower three levels are developed as arrival and departure halls, integration with the plaza or air concourse of the railway station and waiting areas etc.
  • The infrastructural works with regard to the approach road of south side Railway station to link the existing connecting roads on either side has to be undertaken by the developer.
  • Facade design and 3-D views given in part V at Annexure IV shall be ensured by the developer in further commercial development of the vertical air space from RL 16.600 m up to 49.550 m and has to be maintained in alignment with the lower floors being developed by railways for station building up to 3rd floor and terrace.
  • For site plans and site inventory, please refer to Schedule and Specifications (RLDA LDHB Part –V). The vertical space is reserved for Commercial development.
  • Site is to be given on 60 years lease for usages permissible as per DCR norms of AP Buildings Rules 2017 vide GO.Ms. No. 119 along with Amendments of AP Govt GO for Change of Land Use in TPTY station redevelopment. The Site is to be given on “as is where is basis”. The bidders are advised to visit the Site before bidding.
  • The Site enjoys very good connectivity to different parts of the city. Further details can be seen in the Project Information Memorandum (PIM) uploaded on the official website of RLDA. 

Scope of the Project:

  • The Selected Bidder shall carry out the development as per local building bye laws.
  • The vertical air-space above B1+G+3 structure, to be developed on upper floors. The structural integrity of underneath station building to be maintained in high-rise commercial development as well.
  • In-principal approval for CLU was given by AP Govt. Further obtaining detailed approvals/permits from local development authority for commercial development, to be undertaken by the developer with the assistance of RLDA,
  • Temporary steel roof structure all-round the south side building perimeter covering the passenger pathways and other sensitive areas, to safeguard the safety of passengers, OHE systems and other areas,
  • The Architectural intent as provided in the Master plan, floor plans and 3D views of the Station building should be preserved and cannot be changed by the selected developer.
  • The balance Master plan road/ approach roads on the east and west side of the station building on the south side, should be constructed by the selected developer.
  • RUB approach connections and curve-grade compensation to be developed.
  • Shifting of utilities to be carried out as needed,
  • Surface parking to be developed in the Railway area as provided by Railways,
  • Any other items/auxiliary infrastructure needed for development and operation of commercial space, to be developed by the selected developer.
  • The Selected Bidder shall, at its own risk, cost, expense and charges in connection with or incidental to the performance of the obligations of the Selected Bidder under this agreement shall procure all the requisite applicable permits for the development of the project and arrange to design, finance, construct and develop the project.
  • No claim shall be entertained on this account. However, RLDA without any liability thereof, will assist the Lessee in obtaining the required approval / permits, the Lessee shall not be deemed absolved of its own responsibility and RLDA shall not in any way be liable for the approval/permits or for non-receipt thereof for any reason whatsoever nor any loss or damage arising in consequences of such delay or non – receipt.
  • The building façade and the general character as per the 3D views of proposed commercial development are given in the RFP-V document. The façade should be maintained without any change and should be followed in toto as per the 3d views provided.
  • The Bidder shall be permitted to market and sub-lease Built Up Area for usage of any legal and lawful activities. The Basic built-up area of the proposed development is 36,640 sqm.
  • Present Bid has been invited for commercial development (Hotel & Retail) on the upper floors as shown in plan in Part-V of RFP. However, the Selected Bidder/Lessee has the liberty to undertake Commercial Development as per requirement and by utilizing permissible FSI.

Eligibility for a Partnership Firm:

  • A registered Limited Liability Partnership firm (LLP) is eligible for bidding.
  • Other than registered Limited Liability Partnership firms (LLP) are not eligible, however in case, Partner(s) of such Partnership Firms can participate as individuals or form a Consortium.
  • The Financial experience of the partnership firm can be considered as the experience of the Partner(s) in proportion to their respective stakes in the Partnership Firm for Financial eligibility of such Bidder/Member of Consortium.

The following requirements also need to be fulfilled:

  • The Partnership Firm must be a registered partnership firm under the provisions of Partnership Act, 1932.
  • Certified true copy of the Partnership Deed shall be furnished with the Bid for the relevant period so as to ascertain the minimum average annual total/gross turnover.
  • The Firm must be in existence and in operation during the Bid Submission Date.
  • The statement related to financial eligibility of the Partnership Firm shall be duly certified by a Statutory Auditor/practicing Chartered Accountant.
  • The Partnership Firm shall furnish an undertaking to support the Bidder, in the Bid Forms- 9A & 10A. This undertaking must be signed by all Partners of the Firm or by Partner duly authorized by all Partners in this behalf.


  • In case a Bidder/Member of the Consortium/Contracted Entity is drawing any experience of its holding/subsidiary company/entity, the name of such company/Entity and relationship with the Bidder/Member of the Consortium shall also be clearly mentioned in the ‘Remarks’ column against the particular project.
  • In case Members of a Consortium are aggregating their individual experiences to qualify, the above information must be provided separately for each Member strictly as per the specified format.
  • For those Bidders/their Members/Contracted Entity whose accounts are not required to be audited as per the law “Statutory Auditor” will be replaced with “practicing Chartered Accountant” who is a member of ICAI.
  • In jurisdictions (foreign countries) that do not have Statutory Auditors, the firm of auditors which audits the annual accounts of the Bidder may provide the certificates.
  • In case Bid Form 3B consists of more than one-page, Registered Project Architect, Statutory Auditor & Authorized Signatory shall sign with seal on all pages.
  • Partners of a Partnership Firm can participate as individuals or form a Consortium. The Technical experience of the partnership firm can be considered as the experience of Partner(s) in proportion to their respective stakes in the Partnership Firm for Technical eligibility for such Bidder/Member of Consortium.
  • The Bidder has to also submit the copy of Partnership Deed and Bid Forms – 9A & 10A. The proportionate Built-Up Area of the project as specified in Bid Form-9A should be stated in the remarks column.

The complete document can be downloaded from www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA

Source: RLDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): South Central Railway