RVNL invites bids for Railway Electrification works of New line between Ghazipur City to Tarighat

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The Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has now invited bids under single stage single packet system for the work of “Railway Electrification works of New line between Ghazipur Ghat, Ghazipur City to Tarighat (11 RKM/ 18 TKM) section-25 KV OHE Works, Switching stations and General electrification works in Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railwayand Danapur Division of East Central Railwayin Uttar Pradesh, India”

  • Bid Notice No.: RVNL/BSB/RE/New BG line/GZT,GCT-TRG/1
  • Approx. Estimated Cost of Project: INR 11.75Crores
  • Bid Security: INR 23.50 Lakhs
  • Period of Completion: 12 Months

About the project:

  • This work pertains to “Railway  works of New  line between Ghazipur Ghat, Ghazipur City to Tarighat (11 RKM/ 18 TKM) section-25 KV OHE Works, Switching stations and General electrification works in Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railway  and Danapur Division of East Central Railway in Uttar Pradesh, India”
  • Proposed work is under a Ghazipur Ghat and Ghazipur City to Tarighat forming  Y-connection between these three stations. 
  • Total length of the proposed new line is 18 TKM. 
  • The proposed new line has only one major station which is Tarighat having  5 loop lines and other two stations i.e Ghazipur Ghat and Ghazipur City having modification  work. 
  • The proposed new line also includes one major bridge at Ganga River.


  • The section is to be provided now with the new BGline. The work also involves commissioning of electrification for new BGline along with modifications to the existing OHE in the yards, cut and connect locations, etc. The new overhead equipment should be fit for 160 kmph.
  • SP, SSP and LT Sub-stations to be Provided or to be Modified: Provision for new SP  and SSP will be provided in the above section. 
  • The location of these switching stations is as follows:
    • New SPs/SSPs at Tarighat.
  • The work is to be executed as per the latest instructions, AC Traction Manual, SMIs and drawings issued by Ministry of Railways, RDSO, CORE and  CEE/NER/ECRRailway/RVNL till 28 days before the deadline for submission of bids.
  • Work also involves electrification of service buildings, platforms, platform  shelters, FOBs, level crossing gates, goods yards, residential buildings and other  installations. Alteration to the existing service connections will also be involved.
  • SCADA Control building is to be constructed/modified at Railway divisional HQ.

OHE & General Electrical Work:

  • Type of OHE:
    • The Over-Head Equipment used shall normally be of regulated Conventional Polygonal type fit for speeds up to 160 kmph. The OHE will be erected as per standard design parameters and specifications issued by  RDSO/CORE/Zonal Railway/RVNL and as per AC Traction Manual issued by the Ministry of Railways with the latest amendment. The clearances to be followed will be as per ACTM/IRSOD with latest amendment as on 28 days before the last date for submission of Bid.
  • Return Conductors:
    • In this section, return conductors and booster transformers will not be provided.
  • Design and Drawing:
    • Supply and installation of overhead equipment at 25 KV AC and all  associated work includes preparation of all drawings. Bidders need to carry out detailed survey for preparation of detailed plans/drawings as required for supply and installation of overhead equipment at 25 KV AC and all associated works. The General Power Supply Diagram and the Sectioning Diagram (approved in principle) will be prepared by the successful bidder and  submitted for approval from Employer/Railways. The bidder shall be required to prepare other drawings such as Cross section drawings of foundations etc. as per extant instructions and get them approved from the Engineer/Employer. Contractor shall get soil testing done to verify soil bearing capacity at a stretch of not more than 5 km for OHE foundations and at the location of new TSS/SWS and wherever soil strata changes. Contractor shall verify the Soil bearing capacity as per guidelines. 
  • Traction Sub-station Feeders:
    • 25 kV feeders from traction sub-stations shall be drawn separately for  connecting  to  the overlaps/PTFE type neutral sections as the case may be.
    • Any RE work pertaining to the project including sidings, loco sheds, washing lines etc in the section can be asked by the Employer/Engineer to be executed.
  • Dismantling of Existing Structures:
    • The scope of work includes dismantling the existing OHE either in part or in full wherever required, as well as the structures of OHE that may be required for the laying the track.
  • Modifications to ExistingOverhead Electrical Crossings:
    • All 11 and 33 KV overhead crossing will be converted in to UG cables. Laisoning will be done with concerned State Electricity Board/Electric supply and distribution companies to ensure energisation of newly laid cable and removal of overhead conductors.
  • LT modification:
    • Modification/shifting of existing LT lines to maintain clearances as per IRSOD  or any other guideline shall be covered in the scope.
  • SCADA:  
    • The work shall be carried out in the entire stretch of above section including modifications required in existing installations i.e. Slave Stations/ Master stations at RCC’s and installation of required equipments in case of already  electrified doubling/3rdline sections depending upon the scope and contract provisions. In all the pure RE projects, SCADA shall be as per latest RDSO specification.(TI/SPC/RCC/SCADA/0130 (Rev. 2)).
  • General Electrical Service:
    • Electrification of Service buildings including alterations to the existing Service buildings; where necessary.
    • Electrification of FOB, ROB, Level  Crossing gates, other Service Buildings and Residential Buildings.

The above is not an exhaustive list covering all the works to be done under this Tender. Major works only have been listed for guidance.

Bidding Documents can be downloaded free of cost from RVNL website www.rvnl.org and RVNLe-Tendering portal i.e https://rvnl.euniwizarde.com/.

Source: RVNL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): South Central Railway

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