RVNL invites tender for engagement of ballastless track in tunnels and bridges in connection with new BG line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag, Uttarakhand

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has invited bids under Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding procedure In Two Packages for Engagement of Ballastless Track Structure “System Provider and Designer” to provide detailed design and support for installation of Ballastless track “In tunnels, bridges and formations including all yards between chainage Km 5+662 (FLS) to chainage Km 125+200 (FLS) in connection with new BG line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

  • Tender Reference Number: RVNL/RKSH/BLT TENR/1/2021/CIVIL/RKSHPart1
  • Name of Work: Engagement of Ballastless Track Structure “System Provider and Designer” to provide detailed design and support for installation of Ballastless track “In tunnels, bridges and formations including all yards between chainage Km 5+662 (FLS) to chainage Km 125+200 (FLS) in connection with new BG line between Rishikesh and Karanprayag in the state of Uttarakhand, India.”
  • EMD: INR 50 Lakh
  • Period Of Work: 1260 Days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 10th September, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 20th October, 2022
  • Pre-Bid Conference Date: 30th September, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10th September, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 20th October, 2022
  • Tender Opening Date: 20th October, 2022


  • The consultant shall set up a Local Design Office in NCR (National Capital Region) of India within 45 days of receipt of Letter of Acceptance (LOA) during the pre-construction stage. The rates quoted in Form FIN-2 include cost of Local Design office including its logistics support complete in all respect and are also inclusive of all costs of key personnel, support staff, transportation, office rent, office supplies & utilities, communication, furniture, equipment, reports & documents, residential accommodation for the Design Office personnel of the Consultant. Nothing extra shall be payable on this account other than quoted rates except Goods and Service Tax which shall be paid extra as applicable.
  • Chief Design Engineer (Track –BLT) will be stationed at Local Design Office for meetings, presentations, and discussions with RVNL/Railway, and shall provide all necessary services/ deliverables as per scope of work given in section 4: TOR including their approval. Expenditure for the expert’s visit to work site or local site office during pre-construction stage (up to 6 visits) is deemed to be included in quoted item rates.
  • The rates quoted in Form FIN-2 are all inclusive of cost of setting up of Local Design office, its operational & logistics costs, all remunerations of key personnel, other experts, support staff etc., as may be required to deliver the services. Quoted rate also includes transportation charges, office rent, expenditures on stationary, utilities, communication, furniture, computers, software, equipment, reports and residential accommodation of the personnel employed etc., Nothing shall be paid extra on this account.
  • The consultant shall also provide necessary design support and technical assistance during the construction stages to experts stationed in the field for successful completion of BLT work from their home office. This cost shall be inbuilt in the rates quoted in form FIN-2 and nothing shall be paid extra on this account.
  • The rates quoted in Form FIN-2 include cost involved in providing all services mentioned in clause 1.3 of part 1 of TOR-section 4, including the expenditure on all experts and facilities required to carry out the deliverables for detailed design and other site related activities.
  • Price variation adjustment clause is applicable only for items A105 and A106 of the BOQ. No price variation adjustment is payable on any other item.

Objective and scope of Consultancy Services:

  • System Provider and Designer, hereinafter called “The Consultant or BLT System Provider” is to be engaged to assist RVNL in detailed design & support services during construction and implementation & installation of the proven BLT System. Detailed scope of services to be delivered by the consultant are given in para 1.3 of TOR part 1.

Consultancy services broadly involves:

  • Design of track structure System for mixed (passenger and freight) traffic route for straight & curved track in tunnels, on Formation (cutting & embankments), on bridges, yards,
  • Turnouts (taking out from straight and curved Track), in SEJs and in transition portion from ballast less track to ballasted track; with design criteria based on latest national/international standards/codes/proven practices.
  • Obtaining approval of design and drawings from Proof Consultant appointed by RVNL.
  • Arrangement for derailment guards like slab/block
  • Preparation of LWR plans,
  • RSI analysis of bridges,
  • Submission of various design reports
  • Issuing of ‘Good For Construction’ Drawings,
  • Submission of construction methodology including
  • QAP and maintenance manual for the ballast less track.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ), technical specifications, Terms of References and Bid document of BLT construction tender. The consultant shall assist in reply of pre-bid queries and finalization of BLT construction tender.
  • Technical supervision of production of precast components and installation of BLT at site.

The scope of services has been divided into two stages:

  • Stage-1 (during Pre-Construction) will commence after award of this consultancy work and broadly involves design for track structure system, review of scope of BLT in open area, study of RSI on bridges, preparation of LWR Plan and preparation of bid document for BLT construction works and for supply of fastening system. The detailed scope for this part is given in Part- 1 of this section.
  • Stage-2 (during Construction) will commence after award of construction works contract. Services broadly involve providing Design Support services during construction stage and technical supervision for installation of BLT systems including production of pre-cast components to ensure timely completion of BLT works. The detailed scope of work for this part is given in Part-1 & 2 of this section.

Ballastless Track Structure:

  • The Ballastless track structure system is to be designed for the design speed of 130 kmph and operational speed of 100 Kmph for 25MT axle load and shall also comply the requirements of RDSO, Noise & Vibration (N&V) requirements, Civil works, Electrical works, S&T works, Rolling Stock etc. as per the requirements of Indian Railway standards.
  • System Provider will be responsible for the proper and efficient working of track throughout the life cycle.

In general, the Track structure designed for the Project shall:

  • Ensure highest levels of safety, reliability and comfort.
  • Have noise and vibration emitted by train passing well within the limits laid down in Noise and Vibrations guidelines set out in this document.
  • Ensure surface and sub-surface drainage.
  • Ensure low resistance traction current return path.
  • Integrate with other systems.
  • Resist the Track forces.
  • Have adequate edge distance of concrete beyond the anchor bolts (in case of direct fixation fasteners) to provide resistance against edge failure.
  • Provide a level base for uniform transmission of rail forces.
  • Have geometrical accuracy and enable installation of Track to the laid down tolerances.
  • Ensure adequate drainage.
  • Resist weathering.
  • Be construction friendly, maintainable and quickly repairable in the event of an accident-causing damages to the Track structure.
  • Ensure provision for electrical continuity between consecutive Track structure’s elements by an appropriate design.

Final design:

  • The final design shall be submitted within 22 weeks from the date of commencement of services. The Final Design is the design of the permanent works embodied in:
  • The latest revision of the documents consisted in the Pre-final designs, taking account of comments, if any.
  • The latest revision of the Construction Reference Drawings;
  • The calculations;
  • All deliverables as per scope of work; and
  • Such other documents may be submitted by the consultant at the request of RVNL representatives to illustrate and describe the Permanent works and for which a letter/notice has been issued.
  • The submission shall contain the final design drawings, specifications, Bill of Quantities and Employer’s Requirements for use in the Contract Documents and Drawings for issue on award of the Construction. Complete design report including a sign off letter from each designated consultant/designer shall also be submitted.

Period of Completion:

Sr. No.ActivityEstimated Period
1Design of ballastless track06 Months
2Construction Supervision Stage36 Months
3Defect Liability Period6 Months

Role of RVNL:

  • The role of RVNL in brief shall be as under:
  • RVNL will be the final accepting authority for all technical, financial and project planning matters.
  • RVNL will be responsible for arranging funds for the project and release of payments to consultants, suppliers and contractors.
  • RVNL will provide assistance in coordination with Railway, RDSO, various local authorities and government departments for approval/NOC/resolution of issues related to the implementation of the BLT system.
  • The Consultant will associate to provide support to RVNL by way of providing expert advice and providing data, drawings, sketches etc and technical inputs on the issues, attending the meetings and giving presentations wherever required.
  • Reviews/endorsements/proposals/recommendations/advice/comments/services tendered by the consultant shall be put up for approval/NOC of RVNL before implementation.

Tender documents can be downloaded from website https://rvnl.org/active-tenders-new

Source: RVNL -Tender | Image Credit  (representational): MoR