SER to install 201 MWp capacity of Solar Plant on vacant land along railway track

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South Eastern Railway has been taking different initiatives to promote Energy Conservation measures and laying emphasis o­n use of alternative sources of energy. As a part of its environment friendly measures, stress is being given o­n installation of Solar Plants to harness clean energy, use of LED lights to save electricity and introduction of Head o­n Generation (HOG) system in train operations.

  • As a part of its endeavour towards clean and green energy, South Eastern Railway has been laying stress o­n use of Solar Power to meet its energy consumption requirements.
  • To save conventional energy, SER is taking different initiatives to switch over to non conventional sources in phases.
  • Till now in SER, altogether 2.306 MWp Solar Plant has been installed o­n the roof top of Headquarters, Garden Reach and four Divisions viz. Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi.
  • Work is also under process for installation of another 18.94 MWp capacity roof top solar plant in SER jurisdiction.
  • In addition, 500 acre of vacant land along railway track as well as settlements in SER jurisdiction has been identified for installation of 201 MWp capacity of solar plant.
  • Consuming Solar Energy as an alternative source of energy, SER has saved an amount of Rs. 33.6 lakh in 2019-20 and Rs. 39 lakh in the year 2020-21 from regular energy bills.
  • SE Railway has also replaced conventional light fittings by energy efficient LED lights in all the 363 stations over its jurisdiction and other railway establishments.
  • This has resulted in savings of 13 MU of electricity during 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Head o­n Generation system:

  • As a part of green initiative and with a view to improve energy efficiency, SER has also introduced Head o­n Generation (HOG) system in train operation, whereby electrical power is fed to the coaches directly from the Over Head Equipment (OHE) through electric locomotive for functioning of Coach AC, Fan, lighting etc.
  • In SE Railway till date, total 38 trains are moving o­n HOG system which has helped to reduce fuel cost and carbon emission.

Water and Solid Waste Management:

  • As a part of environment friendly initiatives, South Eastern Railway has been adopting a number of measures for Water Management and Solid Waste Management over its jurisdiction.
  • 6 Water Recycling Plants have been commissioned so far in S E Railway jurisdiction for treatment of waste water and reusing it.
  • Two such Water Recycling Plants have been installed at Digha and o­ne each at Chakradharpur, Jharsuguda, Ranchi and Hatia.
  • Total 29,869 KLD Water Recycling is being done in the four Divisions of SER i.e. Kharagpur, Adra, Ranchi and Chakradharpur.
  • With a view to collect rainwater for future productive use, Rain Water Harvesting System has been installed at 78 locations in four Divisions of SER.
  • This has helped in proper conservation of water and optimum use of the same.
  • Besides, 2 Combined Sewage Treatment Plants of capacity 5 KLD each commissioned at Digha Station are helping to recycle and reuse the waste water.
  • In addition to the above, 32 Water Metres have been installed at 15 stations of Kharagpur Division to measure water flow for conservation of water.
  • Along with effective Water Management, SER has also adopted Solid Waste Management initiatives as an environment friendly measure.
  • As a major step in this direction, Composting Plants have been provided at 9 stations and work is in progress at 10 more stations in SER jurisdiction.
  • Moreover, 583 numbers of Twin-Bin Dustbins have been provided at 16 stations as a part of effective Solid Waste Management initiative.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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