Shri Daljeet Singh, Advisor (Special works) DMRC inspects Patna Metro Rail Project sites and also discuss on the preliminary mobilisation work of Heritage Art tunnel

In a proactive move towards advancing the Patna Metro Rail Project, Shri Daljeet Singh, Advisor (Special works) of DMRC conducted an extensive inspection of Patna Metro Rail Project sites, and also held a meeting with Shri Anjani Kumar Singh, Director General, Bihar Museum to discuss the mobilisation of preliminary works for 1.5 km heritage Art Tunnel.

More Details:

Shri Daljeet Singh, Advisor (Special Works), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) emphasised the commitment of Patna metro to executing construction work within defined safety parameters. During his inspection of various construction sites of the Patna Metro Rail Project, he inspected the ongoing civil, electrical and track related works at places like Malahi Pakdi, Khemnichak, Bhootnath Road, ISBT Depot etc.

Besides assessing the progress and development work of Patna Metro Rail Project, Shri Singh’s inspection centred on adhering to his directives aimed at ensuring public safety and facilitating pedestrian and vehicular movement by clearing encroachments along construction sites and parallel routes.

Instructions made during Inspection:

  • Directives were also issued to remove barriers at completed construction sites, reducing congestion and ensuring smoother traffic flow.
  • He stressed that besides quality in work, DMRC is committed to minimal inconvenience for citizens in the vicinity of Patna metro construction areas.
  • Regular inspections aim not only to accelerate construction but also to ensure safety and orderly progress in the construction processes.
  • Besides expediting construction works, he directed DMRC officials to ensure compliance with contractors regarding proper zebra crossings for pedestrians at areas where road configurations change due to construction.

Additionally, he inspected the preliminary mobilisation work of the Heritage Art tunnel from Bihar Museum to Patna Museum. On Wednesday, Singh inspected construction sites at Gandhi Maidan, PMCH, Akashvani, Saguna More, Danapur, Rukanpura, and Patliputra metro stations.

Shri Daljeet Singh further directed officials to ensure placement of appropriate signage, lighting arrangements for people and vehicles, remove unnecessary hindrances, and subsequently recommence work at all sites of Patna Metro Rail Project.

Discussion in the Meeting:

  • Shri Singh discussed the progress of metro construction works and also discussed the road map and preliminary mobilisation work of the heritage Art tunnel connecting both museums (Patna Museum and Bihar Museum), and updated him on the progress made so far.

  • Earlier to the meeting, Shri Daljeet Singh inspected the premises of Bihar Museum, where he observed rare species of trees and plants. He emphasised to the DMRC officials that completing construction without causing any harm to these rare species should be a priority.
  • He Stressed the utmost importance of completing construction without impacting these valuable species trees and plants, he prioritised their preservation. These foreign species of flora contribute significantly to the beauty of the world-class Bihar Museum.

Significance of the Tunnel:

  • The tunnel being built to connect both museums will not only be India’s first but will also bestow Patna with a globally recognized cultural heritage. Advanced technology will be employed in the construction of this 1.5 km-long tunnel proposed by the Department of Urban Development and Housing, Bihar Government.

  • The entry-exit structure will have a ground floor and a basement comprising three levels. The entry-exit structure will offer multiple amenities.
  • The most significant aspect is that this tunnel will serve as a heritage art tunnel, displaying Madhubani paintings and showcasing the state’s art, culture, heritage, sculpture, and other artistic creations on its walls. Besides uniting both museums, this tunnel will attract art enthusiasts and other visitors.
  • The proposed tunnel will be fully air-conditioned with two lifts on both ends and staircases and pedestrian paths for those who wish to walk.

  • Battery-operated golf cart facilities will be available for visitors’ convenient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly access within the tunnel.
  • Tunnel boring machines (TBM) will be used at a depth of 16.5 metres for constructing this underground passage, situated 15 to 20 metres below the ground.
  • The Patna Metro tunnel will pass approximately 29 metres below the surface at the crossing point, maintaining a distance of about 6.5 metres between the underground passages.

Shri Daljeet Singh’s comprehensive inspection and directives underscore DMRC’s commitment to ensuring not only the efficient progression of construction works but also the preservation of cultural heritage and environmental sustainability within the Patna Metro Rail Project.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna metro

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