Shri Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager, NCR reviews speed raising works on New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai routes to 160 Kmph

North Central railway has started constructing boundary walls utilizing released PSC sleepers along the track. North Central Railway HQ office has issued a drawing for construction of Boundary wall along Railway track utilizing unserviceable and released pre-stressed concrete (PSC) sleepers. Following this drawing, Agra division has constructed 500 meters boundary wall in Agra- Mathura section and working on another patch of 1.5 kms. Similarly Prayagraj division has also constructed boundary wall for about 100 meters at Subedarganj station following the approved scheme. During renewal of track and up-gradation from 52 kg track structure to 60 kg track structure, huge quantities of PSC sleeper get released. 

  • These released sleepers are not only unserviceable for maintenance of tracks but also occupy precious area near running track besides recycling its metallic portion is uneconomical and non-friendly to environment.
  • Under the scheme devised by North Central Railway, these released sleepers can be utilized to create sturdy boundary wall which also addresses other problems related to handling and recycling of released PSC sleepers. 
  • These small patches of boundary walls constructed in Agra and Prayagraj divisions are being evaluated on all parameters including cost, time required for construction etc. before decision is taken on large scale implementation of this scheme. 
  • It is particularly important for North Central Railway as both the trunk routes between New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi- Mumbai served by NCR are sanctioned for speed raising to 160 kmph and construction of boundary wall is an important part of speed raising work. 
  • Total boundary wall requirement part is planned for construction under PPP scheme by solar park agency which will establish solar plant on vacant Railway land along the track while balance boundary wall shall have to be constructed by Railway. 
  • While reviewing safety, loading and 160 Kmph speed raising works through video conference on 11.08.20; GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry stressed that requirement of boundary wall to be constructed by NCR and that proposed for construction through PPP needs to be clearly identified. 
  • Reviewing 160 Kmph speed raising work he added that committee of senior officers from HQ headed by Additional General Manger Sri Ranjan Yadav be formed immediately to assist Prayagraj and Agra divisions on technical and other issues and monitor daily progress of these important works to complete it within the ambitious target of 2023-24. 
  • In the beginning of review meeting safety position over North Central Railway was reviewed. 
  • GM Sri Chaudhry emphasized that all efforts of train passing staff in identifying defect in freight and passenger trains should be recognized suitably.
  • To improve safety in train operations; North Central Railway has also launched safety drives for checking height, distance from running track of various fixed installations along the track to mitigate any chance of hitting of such structure from open doors of wagons etc. 

During review of loading performance, GM commended work of BDUs in capturing new traffic stream and directed that all proposals for capturing additional loading including station to station (STS) concessional rates must be cleared on top priority. Business development Units of North Central Railway HQ and those formed in divisions have been asked to quantify the works done so far and road map for the future to double the loading volume of North Central Railway assisting Indian Railways in achieving loading of 2024 million Tonnes in financial year 2023-24. 

Source: North Central Railway-Press Release