Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy MD of MPMRCL, conducts thorough inspection of Bhopal Metro Rail Priority Corridor

In a proactive move towards advancing the Bhopal Metro Rail Priority Corridor project, Shri  Sibi Chakkravarthy, IAS, took charge as the Managing Director of the  Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MPMRCL). Demonstrating his commitment to overseeing the project’s progress, Shri Chakkravarthy led a comprehensive site inspection and review meeting.

More Details:

Shri Sibi Chakraborty IAS assumed the charge of Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (MPMRCL). Concurrently, he conducted a comprehensive review meeting and site inspection concerning the Bhopal Metro Rail Priority Corridor.

During the Inspection:

  • During the review meeting, Shri Chakkravarthy engaged in productive discussions with senior officials of the Metro Rail Corporation, alongside the General Consultant and contractors. The focus was on addressing key issues and streamlining processes crucial to the successful execution of the Bhopal Metro Priority Corridor.

  • Following the review meeting, Shri Chakkravarthy ventured to the Subhash Nagar Metro Station site, personally overseeing the construction progress. His on-site presence underscored his hands-on approach to project management, as he closely monitored ongoing works and provided valuable insights to propel the project forward.
  • Expressing satisfaction with the progress achieved thus far, Shri Chakkravarthy issued directives aimed at ensuring the timely completion of remaining tasks within the Priority Corridor. His proactive stance emphasised the commitment to delivering the Bhopal Metro Rail project efficiently and effectively.

Key Officials Presence:

The inspection program, led by the Managing Director, saw the participation of key officials including Shri Ajay Sharma, Director (Project), Shri Shobhit Tandon, Director (System), Shri Y.C. Sharma, General Manager (Civil), Shri Sanjay Singh, General Manager (Civil), Shri Ajay Gupta, General Manager (Track), Shri N.D. Shakyawar, General Manager (E&M), Shri Manish Gangarekar, General Manager (Rolling Stock), along with officials from the General Consultant and representatives of Metro construction contractors.


Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy’s proactive approach and hands-on leadership style have set a promising trajectory for the Bhopal Metro Rail Priority Corridor project. With thorough inspections, strategic directives, and collaborative efforts, the project is poised to meet its milestones and enhance connectivity in the region.

Source: Bhopal Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Bhopal Metro