South Central Railway commissions electrification of 53.4 Rkm between Jalna-Usmanpur in ongoing Manmad-Mudkhed-Dhone electrification project

South Central Railway commissioned electrification of 53.4 Rkm between Jalna-Usmanpur of Nanded Division, is a part of Manmad-Mudkhed-Dhone electrification project. With this, the continuous section between Manmad-Jalna for a distance of 227 Kms now stands electrified.

More Details:

Taking forward the Mission electrification of Indian Railways, South Central Railway has now completed electrification of 53.4 Rkm between Jalna – Usmanpur of Nanded Division.  The electrification of this section is completed as part of Manmad – Mudkhed – Dhone Electrification project. With this, a continuous electrified section is available between Manmad – Usmanpur for a distance of 228 Kms.

Manmad-Mudkhed-Dhone Electrification Project:

  • Manmad – Mudkhed – Dhone electrification project was sanctioned in the year 2015-16 for a distance of 783 Kms, at an estimated cost of Rs 865 Crores.
  • The project covers Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is being executed in different phases.
  • The length of the project in Maharashtra is approximately 420 Kms between Manmad – Dharmabad.

  • The section between Ankai (Manmad) – Rotegaon for 37 Kms, Rotegaon – Aurangabad for 74 Kms, Aurangabad – Dinagaon for 56 Kms and 7 Kms between Dinagaon – Jalna has been completed in different phases.
  • Now, with the completion of electrification between Jalna – Usmanpur for 53 Kms, a total of 227 Kms electrification is completed in the section.
  • The works are in fast progress in the remaining sections between Usmanpur – Parbhani – Mudkhed – Dharmabad with a target to complete the electrification in the near future.

Significance of the Project:

  • The electrification of rail lines helps in providing seamless movement of trains by avoiding change in traction power and reducing enroute detention of both the coaching and freight trains.
  • It helps in improving the average speed of the trains and hence more trains can be introduced in these sections due to the enhancement of sectional capacity.
  • It also provides an environment-friendly means of powering the trains with zero carbon emissions, while saving fuel costs at the same time.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR has complimented officials of Electrical Wing and Nanded Division for taking up the task of electrification as per the schedule and completing accordingly. He stated that the electrification works in the remaining sections of Nanded Division are also progressing well and will be completed within a few months as part of Mission Electrification.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit (representational): MoR