South Central Railway completes Giddalur-Jaggambotla Krishnapuram Section Doubling and electrification

South Central Railway achieved a significant milestone by commissioning the doubling and electrification of the Giddalur – Jaggambotla Krishnapuram section. This development is part of the vital Guntur – Guntakal Doubling & Electrification Project.

More Details:

Guntur – Guntakal Doubling & Electrification Project that is being executed by South Central Railway has shown remarkable progress in the current financial year. 281 Kms of Double line has already been completed in different sections of the project out of which 74 Kms has been completed in the current financial year itself.

Continuing the same tempo, doubling of o­ne more section between Giddalur – Jaggambotla Krishnapuram for a distance of 26.4 Kms has been completed and commissioned along with electrification. This section falls in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh and with the completion of doubling of this section, now, there will be continuous double line facility along with electrification for 200 Kms between Guntur – Giddalur stations.

Guntur – Guntakal Section:

  • Guntur – Guntakal Section is a vital rail link connecting Guntur city of Andhra Pradesh State with Rayalaseema region and beyond South.
  • This line passes through Guntur, Prakasham, Palnadu, Nandyal and Kurnool Districts connecting the hinterland areas.
  • In order to provide seamless transportation and ease the congestion o­n this section, Guntur – Guntakal Doubling & Electrification project was sanctioned in the year 2016-17, for a distance of 401 Kms with an estimated cost of Rs 3887 Crores.

Completed Sections:

  • So far, doubling & electrification between Nallapadu – Jaggambotla Krihsnapuram (174 Km) and Betamcherla – Guntakal (107 Km), has already been completed and commissioned, totalling to 281 Kms.
  • Now, with the completion of another 26 Kms between Giddalur – Jaggambotla Krishnapuram a total of 307 Kms stretch of doubling works with electrification has been completed o­n the different stretches of Guntur – Guntakal.

Most importantly, the trains can now be operated o­n a continuous stretch of 200 Kms between Guntur – Giddalur and 107 kms between Betamcherla – Guntakal. The doubling of these sections will ease the congestion in this crucial section thus giving good mobility in Guntur – Guntakal section. The works in the balance section of the project viz., Betamcherla – Giddalur are in fast progress.  Completion of doubling and electrification of the entire project will not o­nly decongest the section but also helps in increasing the average speed of the trains.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR has appreciated the Officials and staff of Construction Organisation & Guntur Division for completing the doubling and electrification work in the crucial section. He highlighted the potential for easier train operations between the eastern parts of the country and southern State upon the project’s completion, anticipating additional train services.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): SCR