South Central Railway Successfully Commissions Third Line and Electrification in Hasanparthi Road – Uppal Section

In a significant stride towards enhancing rail infrastructure, South Central Railway has successfully commissioned the Third – Line between Hasanparthi Road and Uppal section coupled with electrification. This development is a pivotal component of the ongoing Kazipet – Balharshah tripling and electrification project.

More Details:

South Central Railway has recently completed and commissioned third line works along with electrification between Hasanparthi Road and Uppal for a distance of 12.7 Kms. Now, a total of 131.7 Kms is completed under the project. This will provide a continuous third line facility between Hasanparti Road – Mandamarri for a distance of 104 Kms.

As part of Kazipet – Balharshah electrification project, South Central Railway has completed and commissioned third line works along with electrification between Hasanparthi Road and Uppal for a distance of 12.7 Kms. The section between Kazipet – Balharshah is a vital rail link situated along the Grand Trunk Route connecting Northern parts with the Southern region of the country.

With this, a total of 131.7 Kms has now been completed under this project and including previously completed Raghavapuram – Mandamarri section total of 164 Kms has a third line with electrification facility in Kazipet – Balharshah section.

Brief about the Project:

  • The section between Kazipet – Balharshah of SCR falls in both Telangana and Maharashtra states.
  • This main line falling under the Grand Trunk route has been witnessing continuous growth of both Passenger and Freight traffic, leading to oversaturation of this section.
  • To decongest this vital section, initially the tripling works between Raghavapuram – Mandamarri for a distance of 33 Kms have been completed in the year 2016.
  • To further ease the traffic, tripling & electrification works o­n the balance stretch of Kazipet – Balharshah section, for a distance of 202 Kms (Telangana-159 Kms & Maharashtra-43 Kms) has been sanctioned in the year 2015-16 with an estimated cost of Rs 2,063 Crore.
  • As part of it, 59 Kms between Uppal – Raghavapuram & 60 Kms between Sirpur Khagaznagar – Manikgarh has already been completed.

Recent Completion:

  • Now, out of 159 Kms stretch that falls in Telangana state, third line works between Hasanparthi – Uppal for a distance of 12.7 Kms has been completed which falls under Hanmakonda and Warangal districts, giving boost for the socio-economic development of this region.
  • Commissioning of the third line of this stretch will further ease the congestion for both freight and passenger trains in this grand trunk route. Works in the balance stretches are in fast progress.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager of South Central Railway has complimented the entire Team of both Secunderabad Division and Construction Organisation, who have completed the tripling and electrification works between Hasanparti – Uppal. He stated that completion of Kazipet – Balharshah tripling project eases the congestion in this oversaturated route and facilitates handling of freight and passenger trains effectively.

This achievement marks a significant step towards modernising rail infrastructure, ensuring enhanced connectivity, and facilitating efficient transportation across the region.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit (representational): MoR