South Central Railway surpasses a record breaking 100 Million Tonnes of freight loading in the Financial Year 2023-24

South Central Railway proudly announces the remarkable accomplishment of having surpassed the crucial milestone of loading more than 100 Million tonnes of freight in the current Financial Year o­n 26th December 2023. This is the shortest time (8 months 26 days) taken by the Zone in any financial year to reach this feat.

More Details:

The freight loading performance of South Central Railway has excelled, and has surpassed the crucial milestone of loading more than 100 Million tonnes of freight in the current financial year o­n 26th December 2023.

Importantly, this is also the fastest time achieved by the Zone to surpass 100 MTs in freight loading achieving the milestone in 270 days compared to the previous best of 284 days achieved during the last financial year i.e., 2022-23 and 317 days in 2021-22.

The zone has been proactively implementing measures to attract new commodities towards rail transportation, while strengthening the existing freight basket. While the terminals handling the freight movement are being continuously improved, the movement of the freight trains are also being closely monitored so as to ensure timely delivery of the goods.

The growth rebound in freight loading is seen across the entire freight segment, with all commodities witnessing higher loading levels during the current financial year compared to the same period in the last financial year. The demand from freight customers is continually monitored so as to provide timely supply of wagons.

The commodity-wise loading includes:

  • 50.635 MTs of Coal,
  • 25.226 MTs of Cement,
  • 5.961 MTs of Fertilisers,
  • 5.161 MTs of Food Grains,
  • 3.396 MTs of Raw materials for steel plants,
  • 2.722 MTs of Iron ore and
  • 7.752 MTs of other commodities totaling 100.853 Million Tonnes.

Coal loading has picked up with the Zone giving special focus o­n transportation of coal from coal belts. The exclusive new rail line between Bhadrachalam – Sattupalli has also been commissioned for coal transportation in 2023.

Apart from these, loading in Cement, Iron Ore, Food grains and fertilisers also witnessed higher levels during this financial year. All these factors helped in registering the best performance by the Zone that too in the short duration.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, South Central Railway complimented SCR Operations and Commercial Team for the best performance of crossing the 100 Million Tonnes mark in freight loading. He stated that the freight loading of the Zone is being monitored constantly and this has resulted in achieving the best results. The Policy reforms and new initiatives by the Railway Ministry have helped in registering exceptional performance by the Zone in terms of Freight Loading. He advised Team SCR to continue the same momentum for the rest of the financial year so as to register new heights in freight traffic.

This achievement not only reflects dedication of the South Central Railway but also showcases the positive impact of strategic policies and initiatives in the railway sector.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): SCR