South Eastern Railway commissions Yard remodelling work with electronic interlocking at Rourkela

South Eastern Railway commissioned Yard remodelling work at Rourkela with 393 route Electronic Interlocking having 135 signals, 96 points, 126 track section along with bidirectional block working in 3 lines.

More Details:

To provide better service to the passengers, Rourkela yard remodelling work was undertaken by South Eastern Railway in connection with construction of the 3rd line between Rourkela & Bondamunda.

Yard remodelling commissioned with 393 route EI having 135 signals, 96 points, 126 Track Section along with bidirectional block working in 3 lines. Yard modification involving 39 new turnout and conversion of 7 point to motor operation and Automatic Block Signalling o­n UP, DN and 3rd line between Rourkela-Panposh has been commissioned o­n 15.10.2023.

Engineering works involved insertion of 39 new Turnouts, 18 Turnout dismantling, about 2 km new track linking which includes 1 new line, 6 overrun lines, machine siding and shunting neck. OHE work included 180 nos erection, OHE wiring of 15 nos x-over/turnout, additional isolators, overhead wires removal etc.

The Benefits:

  • New full length line, L-11 will facilitate movement of all trains.
  • Line no-10 (short CSL line) will be converted to a full length line and will facilitate movement of all types of trains.
  • Two additional passenger HL Platforms 6 & 7 will be operational at Rourkela very soon.
  • Simultaneous reception and dispatch facility in both UP and DN grid with provision of individual overrun line for L-1 both sides and L-2 in UP direction. It will facilitate faster train movement.
  • Additional facility of L-11 both direction movement and L-8, L-9 & L-10 in DN direction movement.
  • Auto signalling between Rourkela and Panposh for increasing sectional capacity.
  • After completion of related NI work at Q, P, K, D & A Cabin of Bondamunda, the existing UP & DN line will be converted to Jt. line (Bi-directional).
  • OHE isolation between L-1, L-2 and L-3 for better maintenance and related facilities.
  • New Rourkela Electronic Interlocking panel with latest facilities.
  • Additional shunting neck facility at the Goods shed for faster placement and withdrawal of rakes.

The completion of yard remodelling work will ease congestion and facilitate the movement of passengers and goods trains.

Source: South Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): South Western Railway