Southern Railway receives record budget allocation of Rs. 12,173 Crores for the FY 2024-25

Southern Railway has received a historic budget allocation of Rs. 12,173 Crores for the Financial Year 2024-25. This significant funding boost underscores the commitment towards enhancing rail infrastructure and connectivity in the region. Notably, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have garnered substantial allocations, marking a significant leap compared to previous years.

More Details:

Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics & IT convened a Press conference and announced the state-wise budgetary allocation for the railway projects in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the Financial Year 2024-2025.

Budget Outlay for Tamil Nadu:

  • The Minister stated that a record allocation of Rs.6,331 Crores has been allocated for the state of Tamil Nadu for FY 2024-25 which is 7 times the average outlay of Rs. 879 Crores in 2009-2014.
  • The Minister added that 77 railway stations in Tamil Nadu are being redeveloped under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.
  • 654 flyovers/Under passes, 116 Foot Over Bridges, have been commissioned in Tamil Nadu in the last 10 years and 213 One Station O­ne Product Stalls have been provided at various railway stations in the state.
  • 98% of the rail network in the state of Tamil Nadu has already been electrified.

Budget Outlay for Kerala:

  • For the state of Kerala, the Minister stated that a record allocation of Rs 2,744 Crores has been made which is 7 times more than the average outlay of Rs. 372 Crores in 2009-2014.
  • In Kerala, 92 flyovers/Underpassses, 34 Foot Over Bridges, 48 lifts have been commissioned and 440 OSOP stalls have been provided in the last 10 years.
  • Further, 35 stations are being redeveloped in the state of Kerala under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.
  • Speed enhancement works are in progress and the track renewal works are in progress to equip the sections in Kerala to handle semi-high speed trains.

Following Hon’ble Minister’s Press Meet, Shri R.N. Singh, General Manager, Southern Railway briefed media persons about the budget outlay for Southern Railway and interacted with the press. In the meeting, Shri Kaushal Kishore, Additional General Manager, the Principal Heads of Departments and DRMs of all the six divisions participated. 

Southern Railway gets a total budget outlay of Rs. 12,173 Crores in FY 2024-25:

Sr. No.Plan HeadsBudget outlay for FY 2024-25 (In Rs. Cr)
1New Lines976.1202
2Gauge Conversion413.01
4Traffic Facilities78.4582
6Rolling stock73.8253
7Leased assets-Payment of capital1105.86
8Road Safety Works-Level Crossings63.9999
10Track Renewal1240.00
11Bridge works, Tunnel works and approaches112.6137
12Signalling & Telecommunication510.40
13Electrification Projects111.1250
14Other Elec Works incl. TRD76.0998
15Machinery & Plant28.7889
16Workshops and Sheds204.00
17Staff Welfare70.5812
18Customer Amenities1386.3507
19Other Specified Works81.147
21Stores Suspense1144.0243
22Manufacture Suspense1720.0884
23Misc. advances2.00

Source: Southern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Southern Railway