Southern Railway Update: Redevelopment of Kanniyakumari Railway Station going on in full swing

Kanniyakumari Railway Station is o­ne of the busiest Railway Junction Stations in the Southern tip of India. Located o­n the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil rail route, Kanniyakumari serves as an important stopover for tourists visiting the famous Kanniyakumari temple, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi museum and other attractions. The station is categorised as “NSG-4” station and falls under the administration of Thiruvananthapuram Division of Southern Railway.

More Details:

  • Southern Railway has taken up the Station Redevelopment of Kanniyakumari in a bid to offer world class ambience and airport-like facilities for rail users.
  • The following works have been undertaken as part of preliminary work in connection with station redevelopment:

Award of contract:

  • The work of “Redevelopment of Kanniyakumari Railway Station ” was awarded as an EPC contract to M/s Engineering Projects India Ltd, Chennai for an amount of RS.49.36 Cr o­n 23.11.2022.
  • The completion period of the project is 19 months. The process of fixing an agency Project Management Services is underway.

Scope of Redevelopment work:


  • Kanniyakumari station redevelopment project aims at upgrading Kanniyakumari into a world class Railway station and the works proposed are expansion and revamping of existing terminal building, platform up-gradation, construction of new emergency road connecting NH 27 o­n the eastern side and NH 44 o­n the western side of station, provision of o­ne FOB connecting all the platforms, new RPF building, service room for Mechanical Staff, new Sub-Station building, arrival and departure forecourt and improvements to the circulating area etc.
  • The area around the station building and circulating area will have lush green landscaping decorated with a variety of flowers. A fountain will also be provided to enhance the beauty of the Station Premises.

Terminal Building:

  • The Terminal Building will be a G+1 structure of world class standards.  The proposed total built-up area is 802 sqm which will be equipped with a ticketing area, Waiting Lounges, commercial area, dormitory etc on the ground floor.
  • Various Railway facilities like Retiring Room, TTE Rest Room, Food Court etc are being planned o­n the First Floor. The entrance façade of the station building will showcase the vernacular architectural character of the region (Kanniyakumari).


  • Since Kanniyakumari is a terminal station, all the platforms will be connected through the proposed Ground level Concourse. The concourse will have waiting Lounges and a commercial area.
  • The concourse is designed to facilitate the segregation of incoming and outgoing passengers for hassle free movement.

Foot Over Bridge:

  • It is also proposed to provide Foot Over Bridge (FOB) of width 5.0 metre at the end of the platform o­n the other side to connect all the platforms. A second entry is also proposed near the FOB for ease of entry/exit for passengers.

Parking facility:

  • A parking facility is proposed to be built to accommodate 104 Cars, 220 Two-wheelers and 20 nos Auto/Taxis. The circulating area will have a 4 lane wide road with access to car parking.
  • The entry and exit roads are planned with drop off, drop-in, pick-up points etc for free movement of vehicles, pedestrians etc. Separate bus bay for arrival and departure passengers is also provided.

Source: Southern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: MoR