Upcoming event: FASTNEX India 2024- Pioneering Fastener Innovations and Fostering Industry Growth

Get ready to embark on a journey into the heart of fastener excellence at FASTNEX, the forefront platform that converges innovation, expertise, and industry advancement in the fastener industry. As the premier event dedicated to the fastener, screw, nut, and bolt sectors, FASTNEX is poised to redefine the industry landscape. This inaugural event being held at BIEC, Bengaluru, India between 19 – 23 January, 2024 is a unique opportunity to witness the latest breakthroughs and solutions spanning the entire spectrum of fastener- related applications.

India stands as a pivotal player in the global fastener arena, fuelled by its dynamic manufacturing capabilities and the ‘Make in India’, an initiative by the Government of India encouraging companies to develop, manufacture and assemble products in India. The country’s rapidly expanding automotive, construction, and engineering sectors have spurred remarkable growth, creating a robust demand for industrial fasteners. As India aims to emerge as the third-largest construction market globally by 2025, FASTNEX comes as a timely catalyst, galvanizing these sectors by showcasing cutting-edge products, machinery, and technologies.

FASTNEX’s significance transcends the event itself. It reflects the strides that India, as a nation and an industrial powerhouse, is making on the global stage. The influx of international giants such as GE, Siemens, Airbus, and Boeing setting up manufacturing facilities signifies India’s potential and its market of over a billion consumers. As the nation’s manufacturing sector flourishes, FASTNEX stands as a testament to India’s commitment to innovation and industry advancement.

With 200+ exhibitors anticipated, FASTNEX is more than an exhibition; it’s a transformative experience. The event resonates with the ambition of entrepreneurs seeking new horizons and broader markets. By providing networking avenues, showcasing the latest trends, offering insights, and fostering collaboration, FASTNEX empowers exhibitors and buyers alike. The co-location of FASTNEX with IMTEX Forming elevates this endeavour, bridging the gap between the fastener and forming industries and propelling cross-industry partnerships and innovations.

At FASTNEX gain insights into industry dynamics, explore partnerships, learn from experts, and experience the pulse of the fastener world. As we prepare to unlock a new era of fastener innovations, industry growth, and global collaboration, FASTNEX promises to be the transformative event that India, as a progressive nation, deserves.

Learn more and secure your spot at FASTNEX by visiting www.fastnex-india.com. Your journey towards fastener excellence starts here.

Contact Mr. Suresh P at suresh.babu@messe-stuttgart.in or 8494915900 to book your space now!

FASTNEX India 2024

Venue: BIEC, Bengaluru / INDIA
Date: 19th to 23th January, 2024
Register as Exhibitor: Click Here
Show website: www.fastnex-india.com