Wabtec unveils next generation railcar mover: Shuttlewagon Commander NXT

Wabtec has ushered in a new era in railcar moving with the launch of the Shuttlewagon Commander NXT series. This innovative lineup promises superior performance, reliability, and efficiency, setting a benchmark in the railcar moving industry.

More Details:

The Commander NXT series debuts with four dynamic models, offering tractive efforts ranging from 26,000 lbs to a robust 41,300 lbs, catering to diverse operational needs of customers. This new railcar mover also features the patented ShuttleLaunch technology, a cutting-edge solution specifically engineered to optimise tractive effort, substantially reduce wheel slipping, and extend tire life, marking a notable advancement in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Each model in the NXT series boasts cutting-edge features, including an advanced joystick operation for precision control, a dual-rail wheel design enabling navigation of tighter curves, and a proven AAR coupler and rubber tire drive system. These enhancements collectively elevate the functionality and efficiency of the NXT series.
  • Since 1972, Wabtec’s Shuttlewagon railcar mover has served more than 1,000 customers in over 12 industries that include government, agriculture, chemicals, mining, and other industries that are integral to the supply chain.

Expert Insight:

Mr. Raj Gupta, President and CEO – Maintenance of Way, Wabtec said, “The Commander NXT was designed with the customer in mind and represents the future in railcar mobilisation.” Packed with a narrower frame and an advanced rail wheel stability system, the NXT allows for efficient navigation of challenging rails, tunnels, and sharp curves, without compromising on power or performance. This capability helps our customers efficiently and reliably run their railyard operations.


The introduction of the Shuttlewagon Commander NXT series underscores Wabtec’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the railcar moving industry. With its cutting-edge features and enhanced capabilities, the NXT series promises to redefine railcar mobilisation, offering customers unparalleled performance and reliability for their railyard operations.

Source: Wabtec- Press Release | Image Credit: Wabtec