Braithwaite & Co. Limited invites bids for Periodic Overhauling of Rolling stocks in Railway Workshop

In continuation to the EOI for empanelment of firms for joint participation in Renewable Energy Projects, the Braithwaite &  Co. Limited has now invited sealed Tenders in Two bid systems for engagement of contractor for Repairing (POH, Corrosion & NPOH) activities of Rolling stocks in a Railway Workshop including operation & maintenance of the said establishment as per tender conditions under supervision of BCL management.

  • Tender Number: BCL/PUR/WAGON POH /20-21
  • Closing of tender Box: 07.05.2021
  • Opening of Part-I bid of the tender: 07.05.2021

Scope of Work 

  • The scope of work of the contractor will cover all activities on turnkey basis generally required for operation, maintenance and carrying out execution of Rolling stock POH/ Corrosion Repair & NPOH related jobs and repair/ overhauling of wheels received from BCL’s customer as per standard practice & procedures followed in Railway workshops. 
  • The Bidders shall also be entrusted for looking after day-to-day establishment & factory related jobs (except those which are in the scope of BCL). The tentative list of Assets as available in workshop / other premises / establishments of BCL’s customer is attached herewith in Annexure-A for information of the bidder and understanding the job requirements.
  • The types of wagons for which above repairing activities are to be carried out are  generally Open & Covered type BOX wagons, Hopper type wagons, Tank wagons,  Flat wagons etc. However, while carrying out the job, the contractor shall make a note of the following:
  • Apart from above repairing activities as required as per standard procedure  acceptable to BCL’s customer, the contractor shall also be responsible for all the  associated jobs like, procurement of raw materials, components, consumables and  spares, Stores operation, material handling inside & outside shop floor, maintenance of all plant & machineries, scrap handling & disposal, cleaning & housekeeping of individual areas of shop floor, office, associated areas including residential area within campus, liaison activities etc, except those which are in the scope of BCL.
  • All materials which are in the scope of contractor and are required for the job and out of course repairs of wagons including consumables will be purchased by the  Contractor from customer approved vendors, and inspected by pre-approved agencies, wherever applicable. Overhauling of bearing shall be carried out through approved Bearing Manufacturers only.
  • The released and serviceable components of condemned wagons will be used for repairing wagons wherever permitted and unserviceable items should be handed over to BCL. 
  • In addition to above jobs, the contractor shall also have the responsibility of maintaining following activities & infrastructure: Operation of stores Operation & maintenance of all EOT & other cranes & all material handling equipment. Maintenance of all machines in the workshop. Maintenance of rail tracks,  weighing machines are also included in the scope. 
  • Uptime of critical machines should be maintained at a minimum level of 95%. Overhauling of bearings through OEM or their authorized dealers. For the  maintenance of Machinery & Plants (M&Ps), Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)  shall be given to OEMs  as far as possible. Where AMC is not possible, the  Contractor  shall  maintain the infrastructure and facilities through a judicious mix of in-house and outsourced model.
  • Operation & maintenance of substations & electrical equipment (HT & LT) including MCC & PCCs or such works should be carried out only by qualified and licensed personnel as per Indian Electricity Acts (Latest Amendment). Operation & maintenance of air compressors, pipelines, cooling plants etc. Maintenance of factory structures & sheds, roads, colony, gates, lawns,greenery, landscapes etc. 
  • Transportation & logistics, canteen with contractor’s utensils etc.,, first-aid, HSE & safety, Housekeeping activities, Maintaining furnished and equipped office & guest house facilities of  BCL at site. Bidders shall also arrange local transport facilities for their own staff and minimum 4 dedicated vehicles for BCL officials / staff as well as customer appointed inspector, as required. 
  • The Bidder should maintain medical  facilities including dispensary / hospital and necessary treatment and round the clock ambulance facilities with medicine  by deploying necessary medical staff / doctors.To assist BCL in compliance of all statutory requirements like labour, tax, pollution etc.
  • The contractor should assist BCL in obtaining/ renewing various licences/ consent for operations. He should  assist  BCL in obtaining and renewing various ISO and  other systems certifications  (ISO 9000, 14000 and OSHAS etc.) of workshops. Arrangement for capital equipment/infrastructures i.e.  M&P, T&P, IT equipment,  office equipment, furniture etc. costing upto Rs.20,00,000 each subject to an Annual Ceiling of Rs.2.00 Crores whenever it is needed.


  • Contractor to undertake repair of about 2,400 Railway wagons per year (approx.200 wagons/ month). Mobilisation of resources should be done within 3 months of issue of LOI & from 4thmonth POH activity shall start. Monthly outturn of wagons should be stabilized to 200 wagons within six months after starting of repair activities.  Thereafter, the average monthly outturn of wagons should be 200 wagons or more. 
  • In case the contractor fails to turn out the stipulated no. of wagons after repair in a calendar month, a suitable penalty, as per the same given by BCl’s customer will be imposed. However, no penalty shall be imposed if Railway is not in a position to supply the wagons for repair.
  • Permissible Period of Time for Repairs: The maximum permissible period of time for turning out a wagon after repairs would be “15 working days”. This period would be reckoned from the date of supply of wagon by the Railway to the contractor  excluding  the day the wagon is supplied to the contractor for repairs and the day the wagon is made available by the contractor to the Railway after repairs. 
  • This permissible period would be applicable to all types of wagons and all types of repairs. The wagons identified for condemnation would however be out of the purview of this clause. Failure on the part of the contractor to adhere to the provisions of this clause would attract penalty as envisaged in the contract of BCL’s customer.

Tender documents can also be downloaded from website

About Braithwaite & Co. Limited:

  • Braithwaite was established in 1913 as the Indian Subsidiary of Braithwaite & Co. Engineers Limited (U.K.), for undertaking fabrication of Structural Steel Works. The Clive works in Calcutta commenced manufacture of wagons for Indian Railways from 1934.
  • In the meanwhile the Company was incorporated in erstwhile Bengal as Braithwaite & Co (India) Ltd on February 28, 1930. In 1960 Braithwaite’s Angus Works located at Bhadreswar, Dist. Hooghly was set up for manufacture of Cranes, Foundry products, Machinery Components etc.
  • The Project Division at Calcutta was established in 1978 to execute turnkey projects for material handling plants. In 1987 Victoria Works was taken over, which is equipped with all facilities for manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Railway Wagons and Heavy Structurals for Bridges and other engineering applications.
  • Braithwaite & Co Limited was registered and incorporated on 1st December 1976 as a fully owned Govt. of India Undertaking. The company today has three units – Clive Works, Victoria Works both in Calcutta and Angus Works (in Hooghly District), West Bengal. With effect from 6th August, 2010 the administrative control of the company has been taken over by the Ministry of Railways.

Source: Braithwaite & Co. Limited – Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR