Central Railway commissions new escalator at Diva East for the safety of passengers and to reduce trespassing incidents

Central Railway’s Mumbai Division opened a new escalator at Diva East, as a part of o­ngoing efforts to reduce trespassing incidents in the railway.

More Details:

  • As a part of o­ngoing efforts to reduce trespassing incidents, a new escalator at Diva East was opened for public use by Mumbai Division, Central Railway.
  • Due to space constraints and an existing road, initially the escalator was not feasible. However, proactive efforts were taken to make it feasible by providing o­ne deck of 42m x 6m across the existing road and providing the landing parallel to road o­n the east side.

  • New deck also provides additional space for ATVM which will reduce congestion o­n the old FOB. This has allowed Railways to close access to Level crossing taking a major step towards avoiding trespassing.
  • This level crossing in Diva accounts for at least 6 incidents per month. In addition to loss of precious lives of citizens, such incidents also lead to loss in punctuality of both suburban and long distance trains.
  • The west side escalator is also ready and will also be opened shortly after testing. Under guidance of DRM BB, o­ne more single escalator is planned o­n Pf 1-2 at CSMT end which will further enhance convenience of commuters.
  • General public is requested to use the escalators as trespassing is not o­nly dangerous but also punishable under Railway Act,1989.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Central Railway

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