Chennai Metro update: Over 93.68 lakh passengers travelled in Metro from September 7, 2020 to March 31, 2021

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Chennai Metro Rail resumed its services in a graded manner from 07.09.2020. A total of 93,68,304 passengers have travelled in the Metro Trains from 07.09.2020 to 31.03.2021. A  total of 31,52,446 passengers have travelled in the Metro Trainsfrom 07.09.2020 to 31.12.2020. 

  • A total of 13,43,695 passengers have travelled in the Metro Trains from 01.01.2021 to 31.01.2021.
  • A total of 20,54,653 passengers have travelled in the Metro Trains from 01.02.2021 to 28.02.2021. 
  • A total of 28,17,510 passengers have travelled in the Metro Trains from 01.03.2021 to 31.03.2021. 
  • On 08.03.2021 a total of 1,01,163 passengers have used the Metro Trains to commute. 


  • A total of 2,12,941 passengers have utilised the recently launched QR code ticketing  system from September, 2020 to March, 2021 and 47,81,943 passengers have used Travel Card Ticketing System from September, 2020 to March, 2021.
  • In the month of March, 2021 a total of 62,586 passengers have utilised the QR Code  ticketing system.  
  • While 13,17,093 passengers have used the Travel Card Ticketing System.
  • CMRL offers a 20% discount on QR Code ticketing namely Single Journey Q.R Ticket, Return Journey Q.R Ticket, Group Q.R Ticketand Q.R Trip passes from 11.09.2020. 
  • 20% discount fares on using Metro Train Travel Cards from 22.02.2021.
  • It is mandatory to wear face masks at all Metro Station Premises and inside Metro Trains. 
  • Passengers are requested to maintain social distance while waiting in the Metro Stations and during travelling in Metro Trains and request all passengers to cooperate in the fight against the spread of Covid 19.

Covid-19 awareness drive:

As part of creating safety awareness to the general public and passengers travelling in the Metro Train, it has been planned to conduct Awareness programs on the importance of voting in the upcoming Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly General Election 2021 and Covid-19 related awareness drives in the Metro Stations and Metro Trains.

  • In this connection, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) in association with ‘On the Streets of Chennai’ an independent performing group performed a live music session at Wimco Nagar Metro Station (Street Level) from 5 pm – 7 pm on 20.03.2021.
  • In continuation with the Importance of Voting and Covid-19 Awareness Drives, CMRL in association with Nimirvu Kalaiyagam conducted a Various Cultural Programs at Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G.Ramachandran Central Metro Station (Street Level) from 5 pm – 7 pm on 21.03.2021.

Installation of eco-Friendly Green Boxes:

The CMRL in its endeavor to provide several sustainable and eco-friendly amenities had decided to install Green boxes of Sciophytes plant species in shaded areas of the Platform for generating more oxygen and also enhancing aesthetic appeal of the Metro Stations.

  • As a pilot venture, the Green boxes which are made up of eco-friendly materials have been installed at Koyambedu Metro Station.
  • These Green Boxes have been placed on a sand filled tray to collect the excess water draining from the box, thereby preventing water spillage into the platform.
  • Raphix excelsa (Lady Palm), Pentanus, Schefflera variegated (Dwarf Umbrella Plant) etc., are foliage indoor plants/shrubs that have been planted in the Green Boxes which helps in absorbing Carbon di-oxide, and also purify the air in the Metro Station.
  • In addition to the above, several innovative initiatives namely creating an Ecological Vibrant Unit in the Project area to have a more Greenery and Sustainable ecosystem. 
  • It will continuously help in minimizing the pollution and attenuate the environmental impact.

Source: CMRL-Press Release | Image Credit: CMRL

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