Crest Composites – The House Of Resin Excellence


Crest is offering a wide range of resin systems for mass transport applications. We have specially developed Non halogenated Fire Retardant resins and Gel coats as per the standards of Indian Railways.



Started as a sole trading entity, the company forayed into manufacturing in the year 1995 and evolved over time to steer its current product portfolio. In the course of this transition, Crest heavily diversified its product portfolio and today, it ably caters to the Composites, Coatings and Telecom Cable segments.

In the composites segment, having initially set up a pilot plant for the manufacture of Vinyl Esters, Crest is today one of the market leaders catering to the various industrial segments with its range of products.

With a key strength in core Research & Development, Crest proudly boasts a fully equipped R & D Centre approved by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India with a team of over 20 highly qualified Polymer Chemists who work constantly to meet the growing and specialized needs of the industry.

Crest Composites, India’s largest integrated resin manufacturer, is a technology driven company incorporated in 1989 and caters to its current production requirements with a capacity of over 60,000 tonnes per annum.

Our resins have gone through all the stringent Fire smoke and toxicity tests and have been proven for its performance.

Over the years, Crest has been able to build and nurture strong relationships with some of the major composites manufacturers in the country and, across the globe.

Through the means of steady evolution, the company looks forward to delivering value, consistency and excellence to its customers, stakeholders and prospects across channels, boundaries and continents through its innovative approach and its consistent pace with progressive times.

“India’s Premier Composite Resin Manufacturer”

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.