Cyclosystem India bags contract for supply of Automatic Train Washing Plants for Kanpur and Agra Metro Depots

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M/s.Cyclosystem India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi has bagged a contract for Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fully Automatic Train Washing Plants for Kanpur and Agra Metro Depots.

  • Description of Work: KNAG-07[R1]: Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fully Automatic Train Washing Plants for Kanpur and Agra Metro Depots.
  • Quantity: 04 Nos. 

Based on evaluation of bids submitted on 01-12-2020, the subject tender has been awarded to the lowest evaluated offer of M/s.Cyclosystem India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi on 18.01.2021.

In September last year, the UPMRC re-invited tenders for Contract: KNAG-07[R1].

After the General and Technical Evaluations, three bidders were qualified for opening of their financial package in accordance with provisions of the tender document: 

  • M/s. Cyclosystem India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
  • M/s. Swastik Overseas New Delhi
  • M/s. Premier India Agencies Visakhapatnam

Scope of work:

According to the tender document, the scope of the Works includes the followings:

  • Design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Fully Automatic Train Washing Plant & a Reverse Osmosis plant of suitable capacity to meet plant water requirement. However, tenderer shall carryout water testing in the respective locations before submitting his offer. UPMRC will provide free water, electricity and will do all the civil work related to wash bay and underground water tanks if any. Pneumatic supply if any required for Automatic Train Washing Plant has to be provided by the contactor free of cost.
  • Preparation and supply of drawings, documents, samples, specimens and operation & maintenance manuals as specified.
  • Supply of resources, materials, tools, plant and manpower for fabrication, delivery, installation, testing & commissioning of the equipment to meet the intended function.
  • Training of employer’s engineers & technical staff.
  • Where necessary, confirm license applications and statutory submissions in accordance with Enactments up to the commencement of the Defects Liability Period. Interface with all designated contractors.
  • Maintenance of plant during DLP. The manufacturer should either directly or through associate company have trained manpower and maintenance facilities in India preferably Kanpur and Agra. The associate company must have at least 3 years experience of manufacturing the plant for railways/metros application or of giving after-sales service for plant used in railways/metros. 
  • The bidder shall commit to maintain at least 2 trained and experienced engineers for each plant. The competency of the trained manpower deputed for the purpose of maintenance during DLP period shall be certified by the original equipment manufacturer and they also seek UPMRC’s approval for the same. Bidder shall submit undertaking as per format placed at Appendix-A.
  • Supply of spares & parts catalogue-containing details of all equipments & suppliers as mentioned in clause no. 9.0 of this PS.

Source: UPMRC-Tender update | Image Credit (representational): LMRC

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