Delhi Metro elevates connectivity with Chaudhary Construction

In a strategic development, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Chaudhary Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. for Multi Modal Integration works at 03 metro stations of Phase-I & Phase-II viz. Chandni Chowk, Inderlok and Laxmi Nagar.

  • Tender Reference Number: MMI/Civil/05
  • Name of Work: Multi Modal Integration works at 03 metro stations of Phase-I & Phase-II viz. Chandni Chowk, Inderlok and Laxmi Nagar.
  • Awarded Value: INR 8,68,59,978.54/-
  • Contract Period: 09 Months

In September 2023, the DMRC has invited a tender for Tender Number: MMI/Civil/05

Scope of Works:

The scope of work in brief is given below but the scope includes all other requirements stipulated in various parts/volumes of the contract document. Contractor will construct the works along with modification in the MMI scheme as per reference drawings which includes kerbstone, paver block fixing, footpath, drainage, MS and SS works (wherever indicated in drawings), RCC and PCC works etc.

  • Contractor shall execute all the RCC work including foundation work for Pre- Engineered Building.
  • Contractor shall provide barricades, utilities as per reference Drawings/Site Conditions.

Contractor shall identify and divert existing utilities prior to start of work. Utilities must not be damaged at any cost. If due to some or the other reason, mishap occurs, it should be rectified immediately by the Contractor at his own cost under intimation of DMRC.

  • NOC & Approval of schemes of Diversion of Utilities from the concerned regulatory/statutory/Local Authority is the responsibility of the Contractor.
  • Contractor shall carry out a survey of existing drainage conditions and submit reports on existing drain conditions.

Demolition/dismantling of road, footpath, RCC drain or any type of drain, kerbstone, pavers, central verge, boundary wall, grill, etc. Tenderer must visit the site and ascertain actual magnitude of the quantum of work involved for road, footpath, RCC Drain, kerbstone, pavers, overhead-utilities & underground, central verge, boundary wall, signages, grill, bus shelters etc. Retrieved materials obtained from demolition/dismantling shall be sent to designated locations.

  • Contractor shall construct Driveway, Footpath, Horticulture and Ground Development works as per reference drawings.
  • Contractor shall submit a detailed work programme for approval by DMRC.
  • Contractor shall submit method statements with ITP and checklists for approval by DMRC.
  • Contractor shall submit organisation chart for approval by DMRC.
  • Contractor shall dispose of C & D waste to designated recycling plant as per direction of DMRC.
  • Contractor shall ensure noise emission due to C&D activities does not exceed the standard decibel levels prescribed by CPCB.
  • Contractor shall follow the following specifications for execution of Work.
  • Contractor shall carry out the all survey work with the help of total station and auto level for execution of the Work.
  • True and proper setting out and layout of the Works, bench marks and provision of all necessary labour, instruments and appliances in connection therewith as specified or as directed.
  • All aspects of quality assurance, including testing of materials and other components of the work, as specified or as directed. Nothing extra shall be paid.

The Contractor has to ensure cleanliness of the roads and footpaths by deploying manpower for the same. The Contractor shall have to ensure proper brooming, cleaning and washing of roads and footpaths at regular intervals or as and when required or directed throughout the entire stretch till the currency of the contract including disposal of sewage. Nothing extra shall be payable on this account.

  • Clearing of site and handing over of all the Works, as specified or as directed and Maintenance of the completed Work during the period as specified.
  • Contractor shall carry out professional photography & videography of site before and after completion of work and submit as soon as work completes. Comparison of site features before and after MMI works shall also be submitted in soft (JPG, PPT) as well as hard copy.
  • Contractor shall be responsible for any theft or damage at site. Contractor shall carry out rework or repair work. Nothing extra shall be paid.
  • Contractor shall provide Earthing and lightning protection wherever required
  • Submission of completion (i.e. ‘As-Built’) drawings and other related documents as specified. (3-sets in hard copy and soft copy in excel hyperlinked with drawing names.
  • Contractor shall provide security guards in day and night shifts for the safety and security of the site. Nothing shall be payable extra on this account.
  • Traffic marshall shall be deployed as and when required based on the direction of engineer in-charge.
  • Contractor shall provide a site office having approx. 30 sqm. area for DMRC personnel at designated site along with requisite furniture, security, operation and consumable at no extra cost.

This comprehensive initiative not only emphasises infrastructure development but also prioritises environmental and safety standards.

Source: DMRC- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): DMRC