Delhi Metro invites tender for appointment of Detailed Design Consultant for Bhubaneswar Metro Phase-I project

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has invited a tender for the Engagement of a Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for the Biju Patnaik Airport to Trisulia Square corridor of Bhubaneswar Metro Phase-I project.

Brief About Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Engagement of DDC for standardisation of U-Girder, precast post tensioned pier caps and bearings along with design and drawings for Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-I (Biju Patnaik Airport to Trisulia Square Corridor).

Tender Reference Number


Approximate Cost of Work

1.14 Crores

EMD Cost

1.14 Lakhs

Contract Period

36 Months

Document Download/Sale Start Date

20th May, 2024

Bid Submission Start Date

28th May, 2024

Bid Submission End Date

03rd June, 2024

Bid Opening Date

04th June, 2024


DMRC desires to standardise the design and drawings of pre-tensioned U-Girders and precast Pier Cap for the upcoming Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-I project. Detailed Design Consultant is required for the standardisation of superstructure and pier cap as it requires making rigorous permutation and combinations taking into consideration various span lengths and curvature.

Services to be Provided:

Detailed design and drawings of super structure of standard U girder span Type-1 (28 metre) and all other spans from 15m to 28m for straight and for curves more than 500m radius, for U girder Type-2 (23 m span) and all other spans from 15m to 23m for curves more than 310 m radius and Type-2 (20m span) and all other spans from 15m to 20m for curves more than 220 m radius as per tender drawings.

  • Detailed design and drawings of all other components of superstructure such as third- rail fixing arrangement. Railing and cable tray arrangement etc.
  • Detailed design and drawings of Precast Pier cap for both side U-girder supporting the different span configurations.
  • Preparation, submission and approval of detailed design and drawings of Precast Pier cap for spans with curvature up to 200 m with the different span configurations.
  • Design of extended pier caps and design of any pier caps at U girder-I girder junctions shall also be included in the scope of DDC.
  • Preparation, submission and approval of detailed design and drawings for station interface pier cap and superstructure arrangement.
  • Preparation of Load test arrangement for different spans as required.
  • Details of restrainers, pedestals, GAD, track plinth starter bars, Noise barriers, drainage arrangement, S&T equipment etc.
  • Design of vertical and horizontal bearings for Viaduct & station superstructure.
  • Preparation of Load test Scheme for all the standard spans.
  • Performing the RSI (Rail Structure Interaction) study for Viaduct.
  • Construction Support Activity till the execution of the work.


The DDC’s involvement from design to construction support will significantly contribute to the successful implementation of the Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-I project, enhancing the overall infrastructure and transportation network in the region.

Source: DMRC – Tender

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