Delhi Metro Update: Tenders invited for Independent Safety Assessment for Train Control & Signalling System of Rithala to Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) corridor

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd. has invited limited e-tenders from ISA firms, who are empanelled in RDSO ISA panel for Metro Signaling projects/systems, for the work “ Independent Safety Assessment Services For implementation of following activities/Works of Train Control & Signalling System of Rithala to Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) corridor (LINE-1):-

  • Integration of 3rd party ATS with TC & S system
  • Short looping along with virtual signal implementation
  • 6 to 8 car conversion along with Head Stopping

Key Details:

  • Contract No.: CS-58
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 2.24 Crores
  • Completion period of the Work: 15 (Fifteen) Month
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 07.06.2021 at 1100 hrs.
  • Tender Submission start date: 16.06.2021 at 1500 hrs.
  • Tender submission end date: 30.06.2021 at 1500 hrs.
  • Date & time of opening of Tender: 01.07.2021 at 1510 hrs.

Source of Funds:

This project/work shall be financed through saving fund of S&T under Phase-3 projects of DMRC (Non-JICA).

Works Overview:

This document describes the Scope of Services to be provided by the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) on Rithala – Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) Corridor for (Line-1). The scope of works are as follows:

  • Integration of 3 rd party ATS system (i-ATS system) at Line-1 (i.e. Mainline, Depot & OCC etc.) with Train Control and Signalling system.
  • 6 car to 8 car train set conversion of trains (39 nos.) along with head stopping on all platforms (Mainline and depot)
  • Virtual signal and short looping train moment – Interlocking (IXL) software up-gradation.

The ISA shall carry out an Independent Safety Assessment of the works stated above. Such assessment shall include the interfaces with any other systems. The Works for the 6 to 8 car conversion and Virtual signal & Short looping shall be carried out by the Train Control & Signalling System Contractor, under Contract CS56.

The Works for the deployment and integration of 3 rd party ATS (i-ATS system) shall be carried out by the 3 rd party ATS Contractor, under Contract CS57.

Project Overview:

Rithala – Saheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) Corridor:-

  • Rithala – Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) Corridor of the Delhi Metro Rail Project has a total length of 34.69 kms connecting Ghaziabad to North-West Delhi, fully constructed on elevated viaduct with 29 elevated stations, one OCC and one Depot.
  • This Line is operational since 2002.
  • Rithala – Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda) Corridor Projects shall be delivered in One Stage/several stages, aiming at delivering the line for revenue service with passengers on one go or on workwise or on section wise basis.

Scope of work of the ISA services:

  • The Works to be executed under the Contract CS56 & CS57 include the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing & commissioning (T&C) and technical support for a complete, integrated Communication based Train Control & Signalling System and its integration with 3 rd party ATS system, including the supply of spares and the training of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) personnel.
  • The ISA Consultant’s safety activities shall closely follow every stage of the respective Contractors’ (i.e Contract CS56 & CS57 ) development process.
  • The ISA Consultant shall verify that the required level of safety is achieved by the Train Control & Signalling System, including interfaces with other systems, to ensure the safe operation of the Metro as per [1].
  • The ISA Services shall be limited to the safety aspects of the respective Contractors’ activities regarding design, manufacturing, installation, T&C, and inputs to O&M.
  • Aspects such as Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM), non-safety functions, Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) during the construction phase, as well as security are not part of the ISA Services.
  • The ISA Consultant shall assess both the Hardware and Software components of the Train Control & Signalling System.
  • The ISA Services shall be performed following the principles and processes described in the CENELEC railway application standards EN50126 ([4]), EN50128 ([5]) and EN50129 ([6]), as well as the relevant CENELEC guides for the implementation of these standards.
  • The ISA objective shall be to collect, inspect and analyse all necessary data from all stakeholders to assess whether the respective Contractors have, throughout the project duration, applied appropriate processes and safety solutions in accordance with the requirements of the applicable safety standards, the Contract between the Employer and the respective Contractor, as well as the applicable local and national laws/acts.
  • Where some of the documents are not being made available, the relevance of the same and the need for the same shall be justified by ISA for the Employer’s Engineer to intervene and provide the same from the contractor.
  • The ISA shall be focussed on the Train Control & Signalling System, however, the ISA Consultant shall ensure that all hazards have been mitigated, including those shared with other systems such as, but not limited to, Rolling Stock, Track, Traction, Power Supply, and Civil Works.
  • The ISA Consultant shall also assess the documentation of all systems directly or indirectly interfacing with the Train Control & Signalling System as well as documentation related to Operation and Maintenance.
  • The ISA consultant shall also assess the Migration plan for implementing modified TC&S system of Line-1 with integration of 3 rd party ATS systems & other related activity.

Tender document can only be obtained online after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC