Eastern Railway’s Jamalpur locomotive workshop implements Industry 4.0 mechanism

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Eastern Railway is striving hard to upgrade the infrastructure of its workshops under the inspiring leadership of Shri Arun Arora, General Manager of Eastern Railway.

More Details:

  • A step forward towards the modernization of the workshop, Locomotive Workshop/Jamalpur has implemented an advanced version of Industry 4.0 system in its 20 most important Machines.
  • Normally, Industry 4.0 system implemented at many units, giving o­nly real time monitoring of a machine e.g., output, running and breakdown time etc.
  • But at Locomotive Workshop/ Jamalpur, this system is having features like predictive maintenance in addition to real time monitoring.
  • Besides real time monitoring & predictive maintenance, this Industry 4.0 system also includes live video streaming of the machines.
  • Jamalpur is the first workshop to implement the state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 system with predictive maintenance analysis and machine health monitoring e.g. temperature of Electrical Panel, Motor, Spindle Axis, level of hydraulic oil, Lubrication oil etc.
  • Once the Industry 4.0 system implemented in 20 Machines at Jamalpur, benefits like optimum utilization of machine and manpower, increase in efficiency and productivity, decrease in downtime/breakdown of machine, increase in smooth running period of machine, reduction in revenue losses occurred due to the breakdown of the machine will be achieved.
  • This industry 4.0 system can be monitored remotely from anywhere as it is connected through Wi-Fi system and 15 days of data will be available on the server. This will enable us to monitor the performance of the machine.
  • After proper analysis, the flow of the material and optimum utilization of machines and manpower may be planned accordingly which will, in turn, finally increase Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

About Jamalpur Workshop:

  • Jamalpur workshop was established on 8th February 1862 as the Locomotive Workshop of East Indian Railway (EIR). It completed its Glorious 150 years in 2012, braving many challenges and standing the test of time with great aplomb and success.
  • There was more than a workshop, though Jamalpur became the Headquarters of Locomotive Department of East Indian Railway (till 1925).
  • The task entrusted to Jamalpur shops was then mainly of assembling engines and doing the maintenance and overhaul of the steam locomotives of the EIR: the task which it accomplished by bettering the BEST, and setting a global standard of its own.
  • It also diversified to become the manufacturing powerhouse of iron sleepers and other permanent-way fittings, points & crossings, signalling and interlocking and other appliances.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): DMW, Patiala

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