HSR Asia 2017

HSR Asia 2017

HSR Asia 2017Date of Event: 12/09/2017

Category: High Speed Railways

Type: Exhibition

HSR Asia 2017 is the definitive high speed rail event for the industry’s leading players who are currently tackling the strategic, technical and operational challenges of designing and implementing high speed rail networks. This essential forum is targeted at those interested not only in the latest developments in the high speed rail arena but also in the policies and regulations that both push and hinder the continued creation and operation of world class high speed rail systems.

Issues addressed at HSR Asia 2017 will include:

  1. Financing options for high speed rail development
  2. Future of technologies for high speed rail for communications and signalling
  3. Impact that high speed rail has on domestic aviation
  4. Strategies to use to maximise revenue both from ticket sales and non-ticket options
  5. Interoperability – what integration solutions are available to ensure that technologies from various suppliers work efficiently together?
  6. Key station design, track-rail interface and rolling stock innovations
  7. Economies of scale that can be achieved from developing dedicated high speed rail corridors – both for passenger and freight rail
  8. Communications technology offering uninterrupted wireless internet access and mobility on high speed trains
  9. HSR and cross border transportation
  10. Cyber security Lessons learnt from the success and challenges of countries currently implementing high speed rail systems

HSR Asia 2017
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dates : 12-13 September
Entry :   Registration Link
Show website :  www.stratcoms.com