Indian Railways records highest ever Freight loading and earning in August 2021

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Despite Covid challenges, Indian Railways has maintained the high momentum in Freight figures in terms of loading and earnings during August 2021. Indian Railways freight loading during August 2021 was 110.55 million tonnes which is 16.87 % higher compared to August 2020 (94.59 million tonnes) for the same period. Indian Railways also earned Rs. 10,866.20 crore from freight loading during August 2021 which is 20.16 % higher compared to August 2020 (Rs. 9,043.44 Cr.)

  • The important commodities transported during August 2021 includes:
    • 47.94 million tonnes of Coal
    • 13.53 million tonnes of Iron Ore 
    • 5.77 million tonnes of Pig Iron & Finished Steel
    • 6.88 million tonnes of Food Grains
    • 4.16 million tonnes of Fertilizers
    • 3.60 million tonnes of Mineral Oil
    • 6.3 million tonnes of Cement (excluding clinker) 
    • 4.51 million tonnes of Clinker
  • A number of concessions/ discounts are also being given in Indian Railways to make Railways Freight movement very attractive. 
  • The speed of freight trains has been enhanced in the existing network. 
  • Freight trains speed improvement leads to saving of costs for all stakeholders. Freight trains speed has doubled during the last 19 months.
  • Covid 19 has been used by Indian Railways as an opportunity to improve all round efficiencies and performances.

Freight Performance:

Continuing the momentum, Indian Railways registered stupendous freight loading performance in July 2021 by achieving yet again highest ever freight loading in the month which has continued for the last 11 months since September 2020.

  • Indian Railways has achieved highest ever incremental freight loading of 17.54 million tonnes in July 2021 (an increase of 18.43 % over July 2020), with total freight loading of 112.72 million tonnes as against earlier best of 99.74 million tonnes in July 2019 and as against 95.18 million tonnes in July 2020.
  • Major incremental growth over same month last year has been registered in
    • Coal 9.31 million tonnes (23.47%)
    • Cement sector 2.31 million tonnes(26.71%)
    • Steel 0.45 million tonnes (8.72%)
    • Iron-ore 1.81 million tonnes ( 14.05%)
    • Raw material for steel other than iron ore 0.88 million tonnes (48.62%)
    • Food grains 0.43 million tonnes (7.89%)
    • Container 1.33 million tonnes (28.36%)
    • Balance other goods 1.11 million tonnes (13.34%)
  • With freight loading of 451.97 million tonnes in current fiscal 2021-22 as against 336.74 upto July 2020, Indian Railways has also achieved highest ever cumulative incremental freight loading of 115.23 million tonnes i.e 34.22% over same period last year 2020-21.
  • In cumulative performance major growth has been registered over same period last year in Coal 55.83 MT (37.11%), Iron-ore 18.07 MT (43.88%), Cement 15.01 MT (52.91%) and Balance other goods 10.45 MT (38.42%).

Source: PIB-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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