Exclusive Interview With Dr. Brijesh Dixit , Managing Director , Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Brijesh Dixit , Managing Director , Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd

On the Recently Started Pune Metro Rail Project, For an Interview With Dr. Brijesh Dixit, Rail Analysis India (RAI) Team reached out to Dr. Brijesh Dixit (Managing Director,  Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd ) to share his perspective on the Pune as well as Nagpur Metro Project.

Mr. BrijeshDixit Managing Diretor - Pune MetroABOUT DR. BRIJESH DIXIT

Has recently been awarded the Ph.D. in Transport Economics, under the guidance of a renowned professor of Asia, Shri S. Sriraaman at a convocation ceremony held at Mumbai University.
This indeed is a special feat as Mr. Dixit belongs to an engineering background with an extensive work experience, and now becomes an inspiration to the entire team.
Mr. Dixit is a 1980 Civil Engineering graduate and pursed further education at the Indian Railways Institute of Engineering, Pune. He holds certification from Sweden in HiTech Technology and Leader in Urban Technology from UAE, Dubai

INTERVIEW With Dr. Brijesh Dixit

RAI : The new metro rolling stock manufacturing guidelines have just been declared by the Urban ministry, what is your opinion about the work ability of the proposed manufacturing plan in the future?
Mr. Dixit : MoUD has standardized the broad parameters of Rolling Stock for metro railways in India and also formulated mandatory conditions for incorporating in all Rolling Stock Tender Documents to promote indigenization. Already Indian companies such as M/S BEML Ltd., M/S Bombardier Transport India Ltd, M/S Alstom Transport India Ltd. are supplying coaches to Indian Metros. As such there is no doubt on the workability of these conditions. Further, due to standardization, the delivery period and cost of Rolling Stock production and maintenance will reduce further.

RAI :  Will the metro coach manufactured in India be of the same standard and quality as the imported coaches being currently used in India?
Mr. Dixit : At present Metro coaches are being manufactured in India as well as being imported. Standard and quality of indigenous coaches is at par with imported coaches.

Pune Metro Construction
RAI : We all believe that when Maruti car came into India in 1983, it changed the face of the automobile industry and today we have almost all brands of the cars moving on our roads in one way or the other, do you feel that the manufacturing 75% of metro coaches in India under the Make in India policy, would be a game changer for the railway industry in the coming years?

Mr. Dixit : Manufacturing 75% of the coaches in India would be a game changer for railway industry similar to Maruti for automobile industry since all major Rolling Stock Manufacturers of the world would have to set up their manufacturing hubs in India. This would increase competition and significantly decrease the cost of production and maintenance. Further, “Make in India” will enhance employment and boost up economy.

Pune Metro Map
Pune Metro Map

RAI : We understand that you are now managing both the Nagpur and Pune metro projects, which is a very challenging responsibility, how do you manage your time to give effective output for both the projects?

Mr. Dixit : I Love challenges and I am a strong believer of ‘Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion’. I am highly passionate towards my work so managing time isn’t really a concern.  I take up things as and when they appear apart from the already planned schedule.  Thanks to the fantastic team I have at Maha Metro we are able to give effective output. 

Man Working for Nagpur Metro
RAI : The Nagpur metro is coming up very fast can you please give some in site to the progress in the projects and by when would the trial runs take place?
Mr. Dixit :
  • Nagpur Metro/we began the journey as an ambitious Rail Project to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, affordable, commuter friendly, energy saving and environmentally sustainable rapid public transport system for the Nagpur Metro Region. The company was incorporated on 18th February 2015 as Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRCL). Lately it has been reconstituted into Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MAHA-METRO) for implementation of all metro rail projects including Pune Metro Rail Project Phase-1 in the State of Maharashtra outside Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is a joint venture of Government of India & Government of Maharashtra, with 50:50 equity.
  • Nagpur Metro Rail Project  cover a distance of 38.215 Km (32.415 km elevated & 5.8 km At-grade) divided into two corridors i.e. Khapri to Automotive Sq (19.658 km) & Lokmanya Nagar to Prajapati Nagar (18.557 Km) with 36 stations. The estimated completion Cost is ₹ 8680 crores.
  • On 12th May, 2017, we are introducing common mobility card in association with SBI bank for seamless travel of Metro commuters in various transport modes.

RAI : We have noticed many projects of Pune Metro being tendered now. Please tell us which projects which are under bidding presently and more about the recently awarded tenders in Pune Metro. Our Readers would like to know more about the companies working for Pune Metro for Civil Works and Rolling Stock?

Mr. Dixit : 

  • Pune Metro rail project cover a distance of 31.254 km (26.9 km elevated & 4.35 km underground) divided into two corridors i.e Pimpri Chinwar Municipal Corporation (PCMC) to Swargate (16.589 Km) & Vanaz to Ramwadi (14.665 km) with  31 stations and two Car maintenance depots. The total completion cost of the Metro Rail corridor will be Rs.11,420 crores.
  • Out of 4 reaches, tender for for PCMC-Range Hills of Corridor 1 have been awarded. Hyderabad-based infrastructure construction company NCC has bagged the first construction contract for the Pune Metro. This is a Rs 499-crore bid for the construction of elevated metro rail viaducts for the 10.75 km of the metro line. While tender for 7.5 km from Vanaz- Civil Court of Corridor 2 is currently active.
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Topographical Surveying has been substantially completed.
  • The tenders for carrying Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are also active.
  • We also have invited tender for Station Designing Consultant for Priority Section.

RAI : What are the new projects coming up and How can the private and foreign companies participate in the projects for the Pune Metro? Any special technology / solution provider you seek? 

Nagpur Metro Pre Fabrication Work

Mr. Dixit : 

  • Tender for Construction of Stations in Reach 1 and Reach 2 are planned to be invited soon.
  • Tenders are open to all entities in India as well as abroad through the up-to-the-minute technology of e-portal.

In the Interview with Dr. Brijesh Dixit, He explained these  following Special Technologies that Maha Metro is planning to use:

  • Pre-Fabrication Technology in Construction MAHA-METRO has been conceptualized and designed to use natural Solar Energy and make use of rain water harvesting, green building techniques, bio-digester technology, enhancing green belt by tree plantations, water recycling plant in depots, pollution reduction methods. MAHA-METRO has gone a step further towards making it the Greenest Metro by signing a MoU with DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) for propagation and installation of “Bio Digester Technology”.  MAHA-METRO is the first Metro in India to adopt this technology with an objective of keeping eco-friendly clean environment and make use of organic waste and waste water.
  • Non-Fare Box Revenue targeted to be above 30% of revenue through- i) additional stamp duty, ii) premium on extra FSI through Transit Oriented Development (TOD), iii) additional development charges, iv) Real Estate development at world class stations and depots.
  • Targeting 10% Project Cost Saving by optimization of designs, specifications & resources
  • Multi-Modal integration, First & Last mile connectivity & promoting Non-Motorised transport.
  • Introduction of Common Mobility Card for seamless travel of commuters in various modes of transport.
  • MAHA-METRO is the first to adopt Superior Project Management through Digital Project Management Platform using 5-Dimensional Building Information Modeling (5D BIM) an IT based platform to ensure tight control over costs, time, world class quality, safety and environmental protection of the project. The contract has already been awarded. The Vendor will supply, install, implement ERP and 5D-BIM solution and provide support services to design, setup and ramp-up Owners Support Office (OSO) with primary domain expertise – Metro/Railway.
    • Reduction in cost – Lifecycle saving of approx 800 Cr.
    • Faster delivery of Project through effective project management.
    • Visualization of construction before execution.
    • Control Baseline Schedule, Track Critical Path.
    • Alerts/Clash detection in near real time.
    • Control on Budgets and Cash Flow.
    • Reduced error in Documentation.
    • Reduced Claims/Litigations.
    • Higher quality, better-performing Infrastructure due to high visibility to all stakeholders.
    • Reduced reworks.

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