IRCON awards tender to Vikrant Tradecom for elevating commuter experience at railway stations

IRCON International Limited, in a significant move to enhance the commuting experience, has awarded a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Vikrant Tradecom Pvt. Ltd. for installing passenger lifts and escalators at Beohari and Bargawan Railway Stations. This initiative falls under the ambit of the Katni-Singrauli doubling project, a critical development for the West Central Railway zone.

Tender Details:

Scope of Works:

The scope of work is given for reference purpose only. However, the contractor is fully responsible for working out quantities required for completion of the works and carrying out all required activities for successful completion of the contract. All works shall be carried out as per RDSO/CORE/Railway specification and standards.

Should there be a need for modifications or additional tasks to complete the project as per the engineer’s instructions, the contractor is obligated to undertake these as well. The contract specifies installing one lift and two escalators at both Beohari and Bargawan Stations in the JBP division, aligned with the Foot Over Bridge’s General Arrangement Drawing.

IRCON/Railway retains the flexibility to alter the installation locations under unforeseeable conditions. The contract’s execution scope encompasses the design, production, transportation, on-site safeguarding, insurance, installation, testing, commissioning, IRCON/Railway personnel training, and the handover of the lifts and escalators, along with related tasks.

The scope also covers providing adequate shade on the top using canopy above the escalator, FOB extension, load bearing support pillars and the same shall be extended on the sides so as to offer protection to the escalator from sun and rain. Provision of pit/ notch required as per site condition for installation of escalator is also included in the scope of work. All associated civil works for provision and installation of lifts & escalators are also included in the scope of work.

Safety Standards:

  • Escalators/Lift safety certificates from state authorities should be taken by the tenderer before commissioning/handing over of the Escalators/Lifts.
  • The scope of work shall also include any and all work towards supplies and services for Completion of all works as described in Bill of Quantities, explanatory notes & specifications.
  • The Contractor shall also execute all such works which, in the opinion of the Employer, are required to be executed for the successful completion of the work.
  • All such works shall be deemed to have been included in the original scope of the tender. The contractor shall obtain necessary clearance for his staff/agents from Engineer-in-charge of Railway/IRCON.
  • The contractor has to obtain necessary approvals/ clearances from Railway/ DISCOM/ state authorities, wherever required for successful completion of the work.


The undertaking of this project by IRCON, with Vikrant Tradecom at the helm, signifies a pivotal effort in enhancing the functionality and safety of railway stations under the West Central Railway’s jurisdiction. By focusing on passenger convenience and accessibility, this project aims to set a benchmark for future infrastructure enhancements across India’s railway network.

Source: IRCON – Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): Central Railway

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