Kanpur Metro update: 55% piling work completed on priority corridor

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Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has completed more than half of the piling work of the 9 Kms long Priority Corridor of the Kanpur Metro Project that is being constructed between IIT to Motijheel. Piling means preparing the foundation by digging into the ground and putting reinforcement under the carved pile.

  • A total of 2330 piles is to be prepared between IITs to Motijheel, out of which around 1300 piles have been prepared so far, i.e. about 55% of the work has been completed. 
  • Piling work from IIT to Gurudev Metro station under the utility has been almost completed, as construction of only 8 piles in this part of the corridor is left.
  • For this, an electric shutdown is needed near SPM Hospital.
  • Civil construction of the Priority Corridor commenced on 15th November, 2019. 
  • UP Metro had set a target to complete 1277 piles by the end of July. 
  • Thanks to the excellent planning of the UP Metro’s civil engineers, UPMRC has so far surpassed this target and has prepared around 1300 piles. 
  • Besides this, 95 Piers and 122 Pile Caps have also been constructed in the corridor so far.
  • Construction/casting activities at the Casting Yard are also progressing with a nice momentum and so far 44 Pier Caps, 78 U-girders and 57 Double T-girders have been cast. 
  • Of these, 28 Pier Caps and 4 double T-girders have been erected till now.

What’s Piling?

Piling is the process of preparing the foundation by digging inside the ground. This is the earliest phase of civil construction of the Metro structure. Reinforcement (iron net) is put into the ground by digging it and then concreting is done. The land needs to be strengthened to cope with the structural weight of the Metro system and for the same, piling is required.

Source: UPMRC-Press Release

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