Mapping New Opportunities in Rail & Metro Sector 2019 in India Across the spectrum – Indian market

Budget 2019: Railways gets highest ever : Rs 1.58 Lakh Crore in Budget . 

It is widely known that the Railway and Metro sector if growing quickly in India and We are pleased to share list of new opportunities opening up in Indian market :

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Rolling Stock :

  1. LHB : Now the Complete Production is on LHB Coaches in India
  2. EMU : Multiple Projects in Pipeline
  3. Metro : New Rolling Stock Orders Expected
  4. Wagons : Freight Corridor Operation shall lead to increase in this market
  5. Locomotive : Diesel to Electric Locomotive Conversion Opportunities
  6. Train 18 : 100 New Rakes have been ordered
  7. Train 20 : In Development presently
  8. HSR Coach : New Project but will be indigenized in the future

Stations :

  1. Rail stations Redevelopment : Many New Stations under development
  2. New stations : New Stations and Projects upcoming
  3. Metro stations : New Metro projects with stations
  4. Modal hubs : Multi Modal integration between urban rail , last mile connectivity and bus
  5. HSR station : HSR Project will have around 12 stations
  6. EPC : Civil work for stations provide great opportunity to EPC Players
  7. PPP Project : New Projects with leasing period allow good investment opportunities
  8. Commercial Development : Commercial Area around stations provide value to real estate builders
  9. Station Management : Station Management expertise is required for PPP projects

Infrastructure :

  1. Track Renewal : New Track renewal projects and purchase tenders for tracks
  2. New lines : New Lines in unexplored areas
  3. Civil work : EPC projects for stations , track and electrification
  4. Soil stabilization : Black cotton areas require soil stabilization
  5. Doubling : Doubling projects all across India including quadrupling too
  6. Tripling : Same as above
  7. EPC : Most projects in Infra for Railways are in EPC Mode giving huge opportunities to Indian players
  8. Specific Machinery Supply : Construction machinery for specific jobs in Railways and Metro Projects

Passenger Safety :

  1. Maintenance : Maintenance all across new projects is a huge opportunity
  2. New Projects : New Projects are coming up in India focused on Passenger Safety
  3. Sensors : Sensors in Rolling stock to monitor performance and safety
  4. Predictive Maintenance : New opportunities to ensure good asset utilization
  5. Testing Systems : Reliable testing systems for Rail Operations
  6. Condition Monitoring  : Monitoring of assets in Railways in real time

Signaling & Telecom :

  1. TCAS : This is under trials in various sections with 3 approved vendors presently
  2. ETCS L2 : New Technology also to be tested for Indian market
  3. Indigenization – Components for application in signalling
  4. Supply of Equipment : Specialized Equipment for Signalling work in the railways
  5. Maintenance : Maintenance equipment for new installations offer a great opportunity

Electrification :

  1. Components : Electrification is the aim and Components going into this offer a huge opportunity .
  2. EPC Contracting : EPC Projects for Electrification are rising for Indian companies .
  3. Supply of Equipment : Equipment for installing systems of the electrification systems.
  4. Maintenance of Equipment : Maintenance of the equipment used in these projects is a big challenge .
  5. Catenary Systems : New Opportunities for catenary systems for these projects .

Higher Speeds :

  1. Civil Work : Civil work projects for Semi High and High Speed Projects shall be tendered soon
  2. HSR Components : Components for Special Rolling Stock needs for higher speeds for this network
  3. Track work : Track work in India is being upgraded to handle speeds of 160 – 200 kmph
  4. Rolling Stock : Rolling stock development across ICF , MCF and other units in India to suit Rolling stock needs

Automation & Internet of Things :

  1. Cyber Security : Security of Data and transactions all across Railway Projects
  2. Artificial Intelligence : AI is expected to be utilized for more efficiency in operations and autonomous operations .
  3. Industry 4.0 : Industries are adopting newer technologies and We expect Railways to adopt new practices in times to come .
  4. Automation : Automation of operations – frontend and backend is the key to scale up and use machinery to solve repetitive issues .

Freight :

  1. Wagons : Freight corridor is opening and new requirement for wagons is expected .
  2. Leasing : Wagon Leasing Scheme is an opportunity for Specialists .
  3. DFCC based approach : Captive opportunities for supply of equipment for DFCC Projects
  4. Improved Freight Stock : Higher Payload and Axle load requires improvement in freight stock
  5. Industry Parks : Lots of Industry parks around the corrdiors are expected
  6. SEZs : Even SEZz are expected to be formed all across the corridor .

The above list presents a few opportunities in this sector . For More Insights , We will be pleased to assist you , Email us at . 

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