MMRC takes precautionary measures ahead of monsoon for the underground Metro-3 project of Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ corridor

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) which is implementing the fully underground Metro-3 Project is geared up to face the impending monsoon and to avoid water logging during monsoon around the construction sites of Metro line-3.

More Details:

  • Detailed directives for monsoon preparedness have been issued by BMC to all engineers as well as contractors to undertake pre-monsoon measures and ensure readiness during monsoon period. Accordingly, MMRC engineers and contractors have started pre-monsoon works on all sites which are scheduled to be completed before the onset of monsoons.
  • Activities such as cleaning of Storm Water Drains (SWD) and construction of catch pits in Metro3 construction site’s influence areas are in progress and will be completed to ensure smooth flow of water.
  • At the same time activities for smooth movement of traffic such as repainting of diversion signage, warning signs, traffic signs on all sites and blinkers on barricading will be provided and maintained to enhance visibility of barricades in the influence area of construction sites.
  • Reflective stickers on handrails for pedestrian walking will be provided for safety. Regular Electrical Audits on sites will be conducted. MMRC will also coordinate with other utility agencies to maintain the electrical and communication system intact during monsoon.
  • All precautionary measures have been taken to avoid mosquito breeding at sites. Enough Illumination will be maintained at all sites. Potholes and bad patches on the roads have been identified and repair is undertaken. Also, replacing damaged manhole covers is in progress.
  • Sufficient numbers of dewatering pumps have been arranged to take care of floods during monsoon. A total of 371 pumps are provided ranging from 1.5 HP to 75 HP. MMRC has also established a Disaster Control Room to resolve monsoon related grievances expeditiously on the 33.5-km long Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro-3 Corridor.

Ms. Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director, MMRC, said “MMRC is working in close coordination with BMC officials and designated officers will be deployed to coordinate with all stakeholders and ensure that no flooding in stations and also no inconvenience is caused to Mumbaikars due to Metro-3 construction works during monsoon. We make sure that all our construction sites are managed professionally, and precautionary measures are taken well in advance to ensure safety of citizens during monsoon.”

Source: MMRC- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Alstom