NCR invites tenders for provision of Track & Complete Track Renewal for various Loop Lines / Yard Lines

Divisional Railway Manager (Engineering) / North Central Railway / Prayagraj, has invited the following E-Tender on prescribed form for the following works up to 13:30 hrs. on 17.02.2021. The details of the tenders are as under: 

SNTender No. Name of WorkApprox. Cost of Work (Rs.)Completion PeriodDate of Opening of tenderSimilar work for Eligibility Criteria
1184 Provision of Ballast less Track (Washable Apron) on BPCL Siding and other associated works in BPCL Pankidham Kanpur under ADEN / Line / CNB.Rs. 4,38,73,253.8803 Months17.02.2021Any RCC / PSC Work.
2185Complete Track Renewal (Secondary) for various Loop Lines / Yard Lines in the section of ADEN / Line / CNB.Rs. 1,41,61,282.5105 Months17.02.2021 P.way work


  • The complete information along with the tender document of above E-Tenders is available on website up to 13:30 hrs. on the due date of tender opening i.e. 17.02.2021.
  • Bids other than in the form of E-Bids shall not be accepted against above Tenders. For this purpose, vendors are required to get themselves registered with IREPS website along with Digital Signature Certificates issued by CCA under IT Act-2000.
  • Rates entered into the Financial Rate page and duly signed digitally shall be considered. Rates and any other financial entity in any other form/letterhead if attached by vendors shall be straightaway ignored and shall not be considered.
  • The tenderer shall submit a copy of certificate as given in tender document in standard format for Tender No. 184 & 185 having advertised value more than 50 Lakh, without which their tender may not be considered and shall be summarily rejected.
  • The supplier / contractor of goods and / or services would be subject to GST Act and Rules as applicable from time to time.
  • This tender notice has also been uploaded on
  • The tenderer / Bidder shall mandatorily submit Bid security declaration form as given in tender document for non submission of Bid security / EMD (Earnest Money ) deposit otherwise Tender offer will be considered as incomplete offer & shall be summarily rejected.
  • In case of any difficulty, helpdesk available on the website of IREPS may be approached.
  • Tenders online can be submitted up to 13:30 hrs. on 17.02.2021.
  • Along with other instructions given to Tenderers, Tenderers are required to Pay special attention to Para 10.0 of Tender document for document submission along with Tender & Para 12.0 of Tender Document for Bid security declaration / EM Deposit & Security deposit .
  • E-Tender Forms shall be issued free of cost to all tenderers.
  • The tenderer has to submit necessary documents in compliance of clause 10 to 18 (Part-I) of GCC July’ 2020 mandatorily, otherwise the offer will be considered as Incomplete Offer and accordingly shall not be considered.

Source: North Central Railway-Tender | Image Credit (representational): North Central Railway