Product Expertise: Aluminium Composite Panel

PRA PANELS PRIVATE LIMITED is a part of PRA Group, which is into infrastructure development with the expertise to ensure seamless end-to-end execution of large-scale infrastructure projects along with a significant presence in the business verticals of infrastructure development, steel and power manufacturing, and education.

Alustic, where a passion for innovation thrives, is driven by an unwavering commitment to excel in architecture. We are foresighted, aiming to stay ahead of evolving trends and technologies to craft architectural marvels. As a premier manufacturer of “Aluminium Composite Panels & HPL Sheets,” Alustic operates manufacturing units in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We are committed to manufacturing high quality robust, eco-friendly and trouble free product.

Customization is at our core, catering to the demands of both modern and innovative interior and exterior designs. Our philosophy centers on hard work and delivering excellence, infusing style, and glamour into spectacular creations while adhering to diverse budgets and imaginative visions.

Alustic Aluminum Composite Panels consist of two Aluminum coils fused to a L.D.P.E. core, forming sandwich panels. This widely used material is favored for contemporary building cladding, offering seamless finishes that bestow a modern appeal to structures.

Available in varying thicknesses from 2 MM to 6 MM max, these panels are specially designed for their metal-based, lightweight attributes, ensuring easy installation and design flexibility. Notably eco-friendly and weather-resistant, they’re also termite-proof and durable.

These are easy to clean, UV resistant and come in a broad spectrum of colors and patterns.

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