Product Expertise: Providing International Quality Filter Products

“If oils are the life blood of most modern machinery, filters are their kidneys!” While the oils keep the cogs and wheels of the nations backbone running, we ensure the oils are kept free from any contamination and debris.

aRKe filters have been at the helm of providing international standard filtration products to many core industries including the Railways for more than two decades now. The brand itself is much older and took roots in Delhi in 1964 with a simple yet powerful idea of “providing international quality filter products” for the Indian market saving valuable foreign exchange.

From Railways to Marine, Steel to Plastics, Power to Refineries we cater to each and every industry, striving the best in their field and providing our never ending service to the ever growing and emerging industrial world.

Manufacturing, Testing and R&D:

We have an exhaustive list of standard OEM replacement products in our portfolio and a knack for custom and discreet manufacturing. We understand that a clients demands from an equipment changes with time and we provide the best solution to match your needs.

As manufacturers, we also understand that it is imperative to test and push the limits of our products: some of these come from our clients needs, most from our decades of experience. As with our products, we remain a step ahead of the curve by researching, testing and developing our own test rigs.

At the heart of our manufacturing remains a core focus on R&D. Our clients don’t rest to achieve their targets, and we don’t rest on our laurels! We are in the process of continuous evolution: trying to find better ways to help you achieve lower energy costs, reduced down time, reduced breakdowns among others.

Range of Products:

  • Hydraulic filters
    1. Pressure line
    2. Return line
    3. Tank top
  • Filters for lubrication oil
  • Filters for Air braking system (Railways)
  • Filter housings (upto 350 bars)
    1. In line
    2. Manifold mounted


  • Over 2 decades of experience with industrial filtration
  • In house design, testing and R&D teams
  • Solution oriented
  • Quality proven by international testing labs

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