Pune Metro partners with Spine Advisory for Line-4 and 5 transaction advisory services

The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has entered into a strategic collaboration with M/s Spine Advisory Pvt. Ltd. for Transaction Advisory Services concerning Pune Metro Line-4 and 5. The contract, valued at Rs. 87 lakhs signifies a crucial step towards ensuring the smooth implementation and success of these metro lines.

Tender Details:

  • Tender Reference Number: 09 For FY 2023-2024 (2nd Call)
  • Name of Work: Transaction Advisory Services for Pune Metro Line-4 and or Pune Metro Line-5 proposed to be implemented on the Public Private Partnership Mode.
  • Completion Period for the Contract is: 24 Months
  • The Awarded Value of the Tender is: Rs. 87 Lakhs

‭Scope of Services:‬

‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭be‬ ‭responsible‬ ‭for‬ ‭review‬ ‭of‬‭ the ‬‭financial‬‭ parameters‬‭ and‬‭ examination ‬‭of‬‭ the‬ viability‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project.‬ The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭will‬ ‭also‬ ‭render‬ ‭advisory‬ ‭services‬ ‭for‬ ‭preparation‬ ‭of‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement,‬ ‭Bid‬ ‭documents‬ ‭(RFQ‬ ‭and‬ ‭RFP)‬ ‭including‬ ‭the‬ ‭relevant‬ ‭Schedules‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬‭ Agreement ‬‭and ‬‭in ‬‭conducting ‬‭the‬‭ bidding ‬‭process ‬‭for‬‭ selection ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Concessionaire‬‭ for‬ the‬ ‭project.‬

‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭also‬ ‭maintain,‬ ‭update‬ ‭and‬ ‭disseminate‬ ‭the‬ ‭necessary‬ ‭data‬ ‭and‬ information‬ ‭related‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭and‬ ‭the‬ ‭bid‬ ‭process.‬ During‬ ‭interaction‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭bidders‬ ‭and‬ stakeholders,‬‭ the‬‭ Consultant ‬‭shall ‬‭assist ‬‭the‬‭ Authority ‬‭in ‬‭responding ‬‭to ‬‭all‬‭ queries ‬‭satisfactorily ‬‭and‬ within‬ ‭the‬ ‭specified‬ ‭time.‬ The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭render‬ ‭advisory‬ ‭services‬ ‭up‬ ‭to‬ ‭the‬ ‭signing‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ Concession‬ ‭Agreement‬ ‭and‬ ‭assist‬ ‭during‬ ‭the‬ ‭conditions‬ ‭precedent‬ ‭period‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Concession‬ Agreement.‬

Review of the Detailed Project Report‬:

  • ‭The‬ ‭Consultant‬ ‭shall‬ ‭review‬ ‭the‬Detailed‬ ‭Project‬ ‭Report‭for‬ ‭the‬ ‭PML4‬ ‭prepared‬ ‭by‬ ‭DMRC‬and‬ PML5‬ ‭DPR‬ ‭prepared‬ ‭by‬ ‭UMTC‬ ‭and‬ ‭comment‬ ‭on‬ ‭the ‬‭technical‬‭ aspects ‬‭of‬‭ the ‬‭Project.‬‭ 
  • The ‬‭review‬ will‬ ‭cover‬ ‭assessment‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭scope‬ ‭of‬ ‭the‬ ‭Project‬ ‭in‬ ‭accordance‬ ‭with‬ ‭the‬ ‭identified‬ ‭service‬ ‭need;‬ assess‬ ‭the‬ ‭technical‬ ‭feasibility‬ ‭covering‬ ‭output‬ ‭specifications,‬ ‭appropriateness‬ ‭of‬ ‭technology,‬ technical ‬‭and‬‭ operation ‬‭practicality, ‬‭life‬‭ cycle ‬‭costs ‬‭for ‬‭major ‬‭components ‬‭and ‬‭other‬‭ matters ‬‭related‬ to the technical aspects of the Project and recommend areas of improvement‬.


The appointment of Spine Advisory signifies a significant step forward in the development of Pune Metro’s Line-4 and 5. Their expertise will ensure efficient project execution and contribute to the enhancement of public transportation in Pune.

Source: Pune Metro – Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): Pune Metro

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