RLDA invites bids for Re-development of Lucknow Railway Station

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Rail Land Development Authority has invited proposals through e-tendering single stage single cover bidding system from interested eligible bidders as per conditions of Bid Documents for “Re-development of Lucknow Railway Station, Lucknow”.

  • Tender No.: RLDA/RFQ/CD-11/SRD-1 of 2021 
  • Name of the Project: Request for Qualification for Redevelopment of Lucknow Railway Station, Lucknow.
  • Document Download Start Date: 18-Mar-2021.
  • Document Download End Date: 25-May-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 18-Mar-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25-May-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 25-May-2021

Tender Details:


  • The President of India acting through and represented by the Ministry of Railways (MOR) is engaged in development and modernisation of Railway Stations across India through Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”). As a part of this endeavour, Authority has decided to undertake redevelopment and operation/maintenance of Lucknow Railway Station, Lucknow (the “Project”) on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (the “DBFOT”) basis, and has, therefore, decided to carry out the bidding process for selection of the bidder to whom the Project may be awarded. 
  • Rail Land Development Authority (“RLDA” or the “Authority”) is a statutory authority, under the Ministry of Railways (MOR), set-up by an Amendment to the Railways Act, 1989, for development of vacant railway land for commercial use for the purpose of generating revenue by non-tariff measures. RLDA has since been constituted in terms of Extraordinary Gazette Notification dated 31.10.2006, as amended on 5.1.2007. The Rules for functioning of RLDA have also been notified in the Extraordinary Gazette dated 4.1.2007. RLDA will be carrying out the bidding process for the Project on behalf of the Northern and North Eastern Railways (NR & NER), including provision of development plans – master plan, architectural drawings etc., consult with urban local bodies/other statutory authorities while approving the plans, so that the development is harmonious with surrounding development.
  • The station development has been divided in two phases based on the demand assessment. Phase 1 to be implemented with construction period of 3 years (Year 1- Year 3) and Phase 2 to be implemented within 2 years (Year 5- Year 6). Brief particulars of the Project are as follows:
Name of the Project: Redevelopment of Lucknow Railway Station  Indicative Project Cost (In Rs. cr.)
Phase 1 (Year 1- Year 3)  442.5
Phase 2 (Year 5- Year 6) 114.3
Total  556.8
  • The Authority intends to pre-qualify and short-list suitable Applicants (the “Bidders”) who will be eligible for participation in the Bid Stage, for awarding the Project through an open competitive bidding process in accordance with the procedure set out herein.
  • The selected Bidder, who is either a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956/2013 or undertakes to incorporate as such prior to execution of the concession agreement to act as the concessionaire(the “Concessionaire”), who shall be responsible for designing, engineering, financing, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of the Project under and in accordance with the provisions of a long–term concession agreement (the “Concession Agreement”) to be entered into between the Concessionaire and the Authority in the form provided by the Authority as part of the Bidding Documents pursuant hereto.
  • The scope of work will broadly include up gradation and redevelopment of the Lucknow Railway Station i.e., the “Station Component” or “Mandatory Component” and the development of the surrounding railway land for preapproved commercial & residential development i.e., the “Station Estate Component”, followed by the operation and maintenance thereof.

A brief description of the Project may be seen in the Information Memorandum of the Project on the e-procurement platform of the Authority at https://www.tenderwizard.com/RLDA (the RLDA E- Tender Portal).

Source: RLDA-Tender | Image Credit (representational): IRSDC

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