RVNL awards tender for Yavatmal-Nanded New BG Line Project

In a significant development, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Power Mech Projects Ltd. & RSV Construction Pvt. Ltd. (JV) for various construction works for Yavatmal-Nanded New BG Line of Central Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: RVNL/NGP/YTL-NED/Package-IV
  • Name of Work: Construction of road bed, major bridges, minor bridges, ROBs,  RUBs, including road approaches, station buildings, staff quarters, other service  buildings, HL Platforms, COPs, FOBs, general electrical work and other works  related to construction of Yavatmal-Nanded New BG Line from Km: 207 to Km: 253 of Central Railway in Maharashtra State.
  • Accepted Contract Amount: INR 449,98,05,212.42/-
  • Work Completion Period: 36 Month

In July 2023, the RVNL invited a tender for Tender Number: RVNL/NGP/YTL-NED/Package-IV


This work pertains to Package-IV: Construction of Road Bed, Major Bridges, Minor Bridges, ROBs, RUBs, including road approaches, Station Buildings, Staff Qtrs, Other Service buildings, HL Platforms, COPs, FOBs, General electrical work and other works related to construction of Yavatmal-Nanded New BG Line from Km: 207 to Km: 253 of Central Railway in Maharashtra State.

Wardha-Nanded (284 Km) connects Hinterlands of Wardha, Yavatmal, Washim, Hingoli & Nanded Districts (Maharashtra) to the Mumbai – Howrah main Line at Wardha and Nanded–Nizamabad Line between Mugat-Maltekdi X-ing stations ahead of Nanded. Project imparts Employment Generation, Socio- Economic development of area (Region) & Goods Transportation (Freight). The Project goes parallel to Murtizapur to Yavatmal Narrow Gauge line (Popularly Known as Shakuntala Line) for about 20 Kms.

Scope of Works:

  • The total length of the proposed work is 46 Km. This work on the full stretch can be started immediately as a major portion of land is available for execution of work.
  • The scope of work includes construction of 48 Minor bridges. The list of detailed minor bridges are provided in the tender documents.
  • The scope of work includes construction of 18 major bridges. The list of detailed major bridges are provided in the tender documents.
  • The scope of work includes construction of 11 ROBs. The list of detailed ROBs are provided in the tender documents.
  • The scope of work includes construction of 11 RUBs. The list of detailed RUBs are provided in the tender documents.

Other Activities:

Providing and maintaining office accommodation, equipment and vehicles for the use of the Employer and their Assistants and Staff during the contract and defect liability periods. Setting out the line and level of alignment for the proposed doubling/third line and establishing working bench marks and alignment references, taking the details from bench marks and alignment references established by the Employer/ other designated contractors.

For carrying out accurate survey work, survey control points shall be established along the railway line using high end survey equipment such as DGPS or Total Station connected with nearest GTS Bench Mark. Also reference pillars are to be established for relocation. This work is meant for maintaining & checking proper alignment of midsection & bridges for which the contractor is solely responsible. Every precaution has to be taken such that there shall be least disturbance to road traffic during transportation of construction materials to the site of work. Making and supply of ‘As Built’ drawings for the new assets created. 

Civil Work:

  • While planning for the work of transportation of bridge construction materials to the bridge site. The finished formation of earth work in banks and cuttings with or without blanket layer should not be used for plying of trucks or other vehicles used for transportation.
  • This restriction has specially been imposed to save the top surface of the formed formation from forming pits and ruts, which later are likely to accumulate water and pose problems for maintenance.
  • The mechanical means required to meet the stipulations mentioned in the above sub Para should be arranged by the Contractor.
  • Railway land, if available and spare-able, shall be provided for the purpose of stacking of material and setting up of concrete batching plant, etc.
  • However, the Contractor shall be responsible for arranging any such requirement of land and arranging/developing any required approach to site of work, etc at his own cost.
  • The Contractor shall be required to mobilise resources for taking up work at a number of locations simultaneously.
  • A tentative scheduling of major activities is given at sub-clause 2.14 of this section for the purpose of guidance only. The planning of resources may be done at least to meet these requirements.
  • Suitable/preferred type of soil for embankment is not available in close proximity of the proposed new line. The bidder may ascertain availability and lead/lift involved before quoting his rates.

Implications for Development:

  • The execution of this project underscores RVNL’s commitment to enhancing railway infrastructure and facilitating seamless connectivity in Maharashtra.
  • It is expected to contribute significantly to the region’s economic growth by improving transportation efficiency and accessibility for both passengers and freight.


The awarding of the tender for the Yavatmal-Nanded New BG Line project signifies a crucial step towards bolstering railway infrastructure and fostering regional development. With a focus on quality construction and timely completion, this initiative is poised to bring about lasting socio-economic benefits for the communities it serves.

Source: RVNL- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): MoR