South Eastern Railway overhauls signal & telecom system for uninterrupted communication and safe train operation

With the rapid growth of passenger and freight traffic, it has become necessary o­n the part of South Eastern Railway (SER) to modernize and maintain the signaling and interlocking equipment at stations o­n the important trunk lines in order to carry and ease the traffic movement.

  • During nationwide lockdowns in the wake of COVID-19, South Eastern Railway has taken major initiatives in the works of Signal & Telecom asset maintenance all over its network. 
  • The maintenance of assets has been done in the area of Multiple-Aspect:
    • Signaling
    • Automatic Signalling
    • Route Relay and Panel Interlocking
    • Automatic Train Control
    • Signaling of Level Crossing
    • Public Address System
    • CCTVs at Stations

  • Asset maintenance works in the field of Signal & Telecommunications include:
    • Commissioning of Sliding Boom in level crossings for safety of the road users & Dual LVCD in stations for smooth train operations.
    • Power Cable Meggering at different stations for uninterrupted power supply.
  • The Signaling and Interlocking works have significantly ensured the safe and expeditious running of trains throughout the system.
  • This maintenance of Signal & Telecom equipment provided with railways is a never-ending process and South Eastern Railway has been doing this during lockdowns in form of old assets replacement, modernization and their execution.

Source: South Eastern Railway- Press Release