South Western Railway installs water level monitoring system on bridges of Malaprabha & Krishna rivers

In order to remotely monitor the water level, South Western Railway (SWR) has installed river level monitoring instruments at two of its major Bridges on Londa – Miraj Section of Hubballi Division. In the ensuing monsoon seasons, especially in the regions with catchment of rainwater, these will serve as a safe alternative to monitor excess/sudden water flow or flash floods.

This work has been undertaken by the Bridge organization of SWR led by Shri Koushal Kishore, CPD/BW under the guidance of Shri Vijay Agarwal, PCE.

The river level monitoring instruments have been installed on:

  • Bridge No.44 on Malaprabha River between Gunji Railway station & Khanapur Station
  • Bridge No.184 over Krishna River between Kudachi station & Ugar Khurd Stations

Hon’ble MoSR Shri Suresh Angadi has been emphasizing on the importance of taking up and completing safety works. Installation of River level monitoring system is a step in the right direction for monitoring safety of Bridges 24×7.

Shri A. K. Singh, General Manager, SWR said that by adopting technology, monitoring and maintenance of assets and gears is being made more effective and efficient. Especially these two rivers on which these systems are provided are known for high water flow in Monsoon and this system will aid Railway engineers in safe maintenance of bridges.

What is River level monitoring system?

  • Intelligent River level Monitoring instrument is a Pulse Radar Two-Wire Transmitter using microwave technology.
  • Radar continuously and accurately measures Level up to a range of 30mtr.
  • The measurement output is 4-20 mA current signal.
  • The Intelligent river level-monitoring instrument is made of SS316 and is best suited for dusty & high-pressure conditions.
  • A complete history of data can be maintained enabling in-depth analysis of the field data.
  • In order to overcome the problem of reliable power supply, system works individually on Solar power supply as well as in combination of Solar & Mains power supply with a minimum battery backup for 72 hours and in built memory for backup and storage for a minimum of 4 days.

How River level monitoring system work?

  • The water at river level can be monitored from anywhere, anytime over a simple Internet browser.
  • A useful feature of this system is generation of SMS alerts.
  • User shall also be able to receive SMS alerts based on various thresholds of regular level, danger level or high flood level.
  • Any alarming condition that may develop at site is immediately communicated by way of SMS generated by Central Server on the mobile phones of the concerned officer.
  • The officer then can take immediate action to correct the problem and take requisite decisions.

Why is it important?

  • Water level at Railway bridges is required to be monitored at regular intervals.
  • This is necessary especially during the monsoon to take appropriate action as and when the water level reaches the threshold limit.
  • Hitherto river level is usually being monitored manually by observing with respect to painted marking on bridge piers.
  • Remote monitoring of the continuous river level during monsoon is possible now along with Intelligent Field Device that shall communicate and transmit the river level data to a centrally located server.

Source: SWR-Press Release